SHOEI Helmets: Maximum Protection for Your Head While on the Road

Sixty years of producing helmets means experience and quality. SHOEI Premium Helmets is Japan’s leading helmet manufacturer. It is known all over the world for its superb quality.

The first SHOEI helmet was made in 1959 by its founder, Eitaro Kamata. Since then, each SHOEI helmet is skillfully handcrafted by at least 50 well-trained artisans. The serious process of making the SHOEI helmet makes it one of the best helmets around the world.

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What Makes Up Each SHOEI Premium Helmet

AIM (Advanced Integrated Matrix) and AIM+ Shell Molding Technology

Each SHOEI helmet shell is made using the company’s AIM (Advanced Integrated Matrix) and AIM+ technology. Multi-ply matrix of layers of fiberglass with organic fibers and resin are integrated to make the SHOEI helmet shell. These materials make the shell extra sturdy and elastic, yet it remains lightweight.

To achieve the helmet’s final shape, it goes through the laser cutting procedure. In this stage, the openings and ventilation holes are created. Each helmet is then inspected to check the thickness and weight.

SHOEI Helmets


J.O. is an open-face helmet and is one of the latest models of SHOEI. It combines style and durability every rider needs in a helmet. Its classy retro look is made up of the multi-ply layers of fiberglass, organic fibers, and resin that give it maximum durability.

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Dual-Layer, Multi-Density Expanded Polystyrene Foam or EPS Liners

The last thing that every rider should worry about is his helmet. Each rider must keep his eyes on the road to ensure safety.

With that, helmets should provide the rider the comfort and confidence he needs while on the road. That is why it is important for all motorists to check not only the outer shell of his helmet but also its Expanded Polystyrene Foam or EPS Liners.

While the primary protective structure of each helmet is its outer shell, the secondary protective part that each helmet must have is the EPS liners. So, what are EPS liners?

The EPS liner is a certain kind of foam inside the helmet. It is made to absorb mild and serious impact energies. SHOEI Premium Helmets uses the Dual-Layer, Multi-Density EPS liner system. This innovative system enhances the impact energy absorption of SHOEI helmets.

Moreover, the Multi-Density EPS liner is perfect for all kinds and levels of impact during an accident. These liners are also utilized to provide enhanced ventilation through the tunnels in the EPS. Now, each rider can feel the comfort while on the go.

Best SHOEI Helmets


SHOEI EX-ZERO is similar to the 1980 model EX-5, but with improved protective features. This helmet completes the look of the rider on a classic or custom bike. The EX-ZERO helmet is lightweight yet strong.

The interior of the EX-ZERO features multiple layers of polyurethane. It keeps a 3D Full Support Inner central padding that has different densities.

The varying densities absorb different impact energy levels, making all sides of the EX-ZERO safe. Noise is also reduced with thicker earpads, freeing riders from any distractions.

Moreover, the lining of the SHOEI EX-ZERO is removable and washable. In case of emergency, the cheek pads can be easily pulled out of the shell through the Emergency Quick Release System or the EQRS.

The EX-ZERO is also JIS certified and comes with a 5-year service warranty. Check for complete information about the SHOEI EX-ZERO.

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Superb Ventilation System

The best way to keep riders on the road cool while under the sun or keep helmet shield fog-free is an excellent ventilation system. This innovative SHOEI helmet feature helps prevent fatigue among riders, especially during long rides.

SHOEI creates wind tunnels in the EPS liners to enhance its ventilation. Each helmet has inlets and outlets that improves the protective headgear’s cooling system.


Take for example the SHOEI J-Cruise II ADAGIO TC-5 that has improved its ventilation by 30%. Utilizing the wind tunnels and added intake hole, J-Cruise II ADAGIO is the best touring helmet for you. Riders are guaranteed exceptional comfort as SHOEI highly prioritizes its helmet’s ventilation.

The J-Cruise II is also designed for urban riders. This open-face helmet remains safe with SHOEI’s durable shell material, and the Micro-Ratchet Chin strap. The chin strap is always hooked on when locked.

Aside from ventilation, J-Cruise II puts to the table its extended external distortion-free face shield and sun visor. These features shield riders from 99% of sun rays, strong wind, and road dirt and debris.

J-Cruise also includes SHOEI’s 3D Max-Dry Interior Liner that absorbs moisture and keeps the interior of the helmet dry. This lining reduces noise with the ear pads that come with the helmet. These pads can be replaced with SENA SRL2 speakers.

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Satisfying and Convenient Interior System

During long motorcycle rides under the sun, the riders can’t help but sweat. This sweat can sometimes cause distraction and discomfort to the riders, not to mention the formation of bateria. With this, the helmet’s interior system is significant to the riders’ comfort and distraction-free ride.

The SHOEI Premium Helmets carefully prepares each of its helmets with an outstanding interior system. SHOEI helmets are completed with removable and washable interiors. This helps riders keep their SHOEI helmet clean.

Also, the components are adjustable and replaceable. Riders feel extreme convenience with the three-dimensional interior components. These components match the shape of the motorist’s head. Riders get a comfortable fit and firm holding helmet during the high-speed ride.


This SHOEI interior construction is applied to GT-Air II. The GT-Air II is one of the latest motorcycle helmet designs of the company. It promises a high level of comfort with its fully removable and washable interior components.

Moreover, its Max-Dry feature absorbs sweat 2X faster than the other interior nylon. It also supports the contours of the rider’s head with its three-dimensional interior system. With that, riders experience a stable and comfortable ride with its multi-layer cheek pads.

Also, some interior parts are available in varied sizes to give motorists the best fit.

In addition, the GT-Air II is equipped with the new QSV 2 visor. It is extended compared to the other sun visors to provide riders better shield experience from the sun rays. It is a distortion-free component that blocks 99% of harmful UV rays.

The QSV 2 sun visor indeed shields every rider’s eyes as it exceeds the ANSI Z80.3-2010 sunglasses standard.

Also, the helmet is equipped with the SHOEI EQRS that allows medical experts to easily remove the helmet from the injured rider.

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SNELL and DOT Certified Shields

Sun shield is another important helmet component. Sun shields used to be a normal eye protection structure. As number of riders grow and more needs arise, the ordinary eye shield improved to a helmet structure that meets specific standards.

SNELL and DOT provide the standard helmet companies must meet in their protective headgears. With the dedication of the SHOEI Premium Helmets to safety and protection, each helmet sun shield assures riders of extreme security.

SHOEI tests its shield using 1 gram of lead pellet shot into the shield at approximately 310 mph. SHOEI shields show the great results as the lead pellet cannot penetrate through it.

X-Fourteen MARQUEZ5

The best SHOEI helmet to demonstrate this shield feature is the racer’s choice X-Fourteen MARQUEZ5. This helmet gives riders 99% protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays. It also decreases air resistance and gives riders a clearer view with its Pinlock EVO fog-free system.

Mark Marquez, the top pro road racer, proves that X-Fourteen can deliver safety, durability, and style.

Like other SHOEI helmets, X-Fourteen uses the multi-ply AIM+ shell technology six layers fiberglass, organic fibers, and resin. This layer of protection promises riders of SHOEI’s strongest and the lightest shell.

X-Fourteen MARQUEZ5 is completed with multi-density EPS liners for enhanced impact energy absorption, Emergency Quick Release System or E.Q.R.S. for easier helmet removal in an accident, and the 3D Max-Dry Interior.

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Other World-Class SHOEI Premium Helmets


SHOEI VFX-WR BRAYTON is a pro racing premium helmet. It is built with excellent quality, maximum protection, and satisfying comfort even when used in long hour rides.

This racing helmet is equipped with Motion Energy Distribution System or M.E.D.S. This technology puts VFX-WR BRAYTON in the lead with its enhanced energy absorption innovation.
The helmet is also EQRS enabled.

The SHOEI VFX-WR BRAYTON is completed with MULTI-PLY Matrix AIM+ Shell technology, certified durable visor, and 3D Max-Dry components. It comes with JIS and MFJ certification and a 5-year service warranty.



The SHOEI HORNET ADV is the company’s top dual sports helmet. Its shell is made of layers of fiber through the Advanced Integrated Matrix Plus shell molding technology of SHOEI.

The HORNET ADV has enhanced the noise reduction system through its wind tunnel structure. Three vents are added to HORNET ADV’s chin, brow, and top for maximum ventilation. Hot air is released through the rear vents.

Though it is a dual sport helmet with more features, HORNET ADV remains lightweight which helps reduce the rider’s fatigue level.

It cages removable and washable liners as an expected component of the 3D Max-Dry interior. HORNET ADV helmet is JIS certified and comes with a 5-year product warranty.



Design, performance, and adaptability make SHOEI NEOTEC II EXCURSION a one-of-a-kind helmet. A two-in-one helmet, NEOTEC II EXCURSION boasts its convenient flip-up function turning your full-face helmet into an open face-helmet in a snap.

It also comes with improved aerodynamics, PINLOCK EVO lens, and internal shield.

Moreover, the QSV-1 Sun Shield of NEOTEC II provides eyes the best protection against sun glare. It prevents view distortion and protects the eyes against UV rays. Motorists can keep a clear view with the NEOTEC II’s fog-free system.

The outer shell remains solid and lightweight despite the multi-ply layers of fibers used. SENA SRL Communication can also be added to the helmet.



The unique designed SHOEI RYD is a full-face street helmets displaying its minimalist style. This good looking protective headgear is JIS certified promising maximum protection and comfort. The RYD is a winner keeping style and performance all in one.

Riders wearing SHOEI RYD get a perfect and clear view with its CWR-1 sun shield. It blocks 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays ensuring motorists with excellent road vision.

SHOEI remains faithful by building RYD through its Advanced Integrated Matrix Plus shell technology using five layers of fiberglass for a durable build. It looks simple but it is made with the advanced technology SHOEI applies to its quality helmets.

RYD is also built with fog-free ventilation, Emergency Quick Response System, PINLOCK EVO Lens, and Dual-Layer Multi-Density EPS Liner.



The limited model SHOEI Z-7 ZORK is a lightweight and strong helmet. SHOEI has improved the shape of the Z-7 ZORK helmet for aerodynamics and made it lightweight.

The Z-7 ZORK prevents fog inside the helmet through the PINLOCK EVO Lens giving riders an excellent road view. It comes with the CWR-1 Shield that controls view distortion providing riders precise vision.

It also remains durable, elastic, and strong with the Advanced Integrated Matrix shell layering. Lastly, this helmet is JIS certified assuring riders of excellent safety.

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SHOEI: The World’s Premium Helmet

Hailed as one of the best helmets in 2020, SHOEI is perfect for you if you are looking for durable, comfortable, elastic, safe, and budget-friendly protective headgear. With its advanced technology applied in the outer shell and its accurate interior construction, SHOEI helmets have what every rider needs.

Built for racers, SHOEI Premium Helmets gives all types of motorcycle riders, from professionals to hobbyists to casual riders, the world-class standard everyone deserves. Protect yourself and have relaxed hours of ride wearing SHOEI Premium Helmets.

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