Safety Meets Style with OGK Kabuto Helmets

OGK Kabuto Helmets – ‘Kabuto’ is the name for the type of helmets first used by Japanese ancient warriors and later on by the Samurai. This is where OGK Kabuto’s name was inspired. For almost four decades now, OGK Kabuto has been providing the best products for protection and to boost one’s identity.

Not only that, they are also keeping up with the latest technologies to provide better products for all their customers in Japan and abroad. Let’s go see and find out more about OGK Kabuto helmets.

How It All Started

Originally, OGK Kabuto was built as a producer of rubber accessories and plastic for bicycles in 1948. During that time it was known as the Osaka Grip Mfg., Co. Ltd.

After 26 years of successful business, the company developed the technology for producing full face helmets in 1974. In 1982, OGK Sales Co., Ltd was established as a separate company from Osaka Grip Mfg., Co. Ltd.

OGK Kabuto Helmets

OGK Sales Co. was focused in production and sales of motorcycle and bicycle helmets. Their main goal is to create bicycle helmets primarily for school children and motorcycle helmets for riders. This was also the year OGK Kabuto’s first full-face helmet was produced.

In 1983, OGK Sales developed the SH-202, which became the first Japanese Official Helmet of Japan Amateur Cycling Foundation. This was also the time when semi-jet helmets were manufactured, and the company began manufacturing bicycle helmets for American market.

In the same year, OGK Sales designed the tear drop shaped bicycle helmet, believed to be one of the firsts in the bicycle helmet business. Their bicycle helmet was worn by a Bronze medalist in the 1984 LA Summer Olympics.

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How OGK Kabuto’s Helmet Evolved

In 1992, OGK Kabuto’s first full-face helmet was manufactured. This helmet was known for its top ventilation system, which back then is considered as a top edge technology. A tear drop shaped helmet was produced for high speed drag racing in 1994.

In 1995, the company rigged their next helmets with a top ventilation, shutter system and quick release shield system, an improvement from its predecessors. By 1997, the company opened up their factory in Qingdao, China but was managed by a Japanese team.

In 1998, OGK produced their next helmet, sporting the first ever rear aero-fin with the quick-release shield system. Year 2000 was the birth of another helmet sporting all the technological features the previous helmets have. This is also the first helmet made up of Fibre-Reinforced Plastic.

OGK Kabuto’s Helmet Evolved

In 2006, the company’s name was changed from its previous name to OGK Kabuto. After the name change, many more started to recognize the brand. In the same year,the Kizuri factory in Osaka City was opened.

Also in 2006, OGK Kabuto made its first appearance in Suzuka 8 Hours motorcycle cycle endurance race, as it was worn by Tsujimura from the FCC-Honda team, who also won the competition.

In the following year, OGK Kabuto made its second appearance again in Suzuka 8 Hours endurance, with their helmet worn by Akiyoshi from the Yoshimura-Suzuki team, also winning the competition.

Since then the company started to grow as their products were distributed to different parts of the world. OGK Kabuto never stops to improve just to provide the best helmets to all the riders.

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What Makes OGK Kabuto Standout?

Imagination and Creativity

The main source of the company’s strength lies on their limitless imagination, creativity, and their relentless pursuit of progress. They never settle for less and they continue to improve their products for all their customers.

Leading Plastic Experts

With OGK Kabuto’s technological advancements, they were able to create diverse products using plastics. Combining the thermosetting and thermoplastic properties of plastics, they were able to produce quality products.

A Better World Through Technology

Considered as one of the top leading brands in Japan, OGK Kabuto have always been attentive to the latest and upcoming technological trends. Their continuing efforts to innovate kept them as one of the best helmet brands.

OGK Kabuto Standout

OKG is always in pursuit of developing technologies but keeping in mind if these are good for the society at the same time. OGK wants to use technology not only to provide convenience and comfort, but to also contribute to society by reducing the manufacturing costs.

Safety Meets Style

OGK Kabuto pursues new innovation incorporating safety and style backed with remarkable technology and uncompromising quality to protect lives and boost one’s identity.

The company develops their new products with safety as their priority. They manufacture a wide range of motorcycle and bicycle helmets suitable to children, elders, and to amateurs and professionals.

In every design, they uphold safety as their primary and core value and style as the second one. Whenever an opportunity arises, OGK Kabuto is ready to create.

Quality of Heart

OGK Kabuto never settles for less. They always keep in mind that in every product, they can always create and do better. That is why their challenging spirit is what keeps OGK Kabuto motivated in continuously developing their helmets.

The company lives by the words ‘The Quality of Heart’ to symbolize safety and trust. The company is there for you as a manufacturer.

With the values and standards that OGK Kabuto holds, we are assured that they will provide the best products for the whole riding community.

Now let us go take a look at some of the helmet selections that OGK Kabuto created starting from the very beginning.

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OGK Kabuto Helmet Generations

OGK Kabuto FF-1

The FF-1 helmet is the first ever full-face helmet by OGK Kabuto.

OGK Kabuto RS-1R

RS-1R was introduced by OGK Kabuto in 1992 as the world’s first helmet featuring a top ventilation system. The year after, the company employed a shutter system to allow a level of control over the shutter system.


OGK Kabuto introduced the RGS-Max, a helmet designed for high speed drag racing. This also has the tear drop shaped design, similar to the company’s former bicycle helmet.

OGK Kabuto RX-R

In the year 1997, the RX-R helmet was produced. This helmet features a top ventilation and shutter system, and augmented with the quick release shield system.

OGK Kabuto RX-R

OGK Kabuto Ragles

The following year, OGK Kabuto introduced another helmet, with a feature considered to be one of the firsts in the industry. The Ragles helmet is rigged with a rear aero-fin together with the quick release shield system.

OGK Kabuto FF-3

The birth of the new millennium was also the birth of another OGK Kabuto helmet. The OGK Kabuto FF-3 was launched, sporting all the features that their former helmets have. The helmet has the rear aero fin, top ventilation system, shutter system and the quick-release shield system. Moreover, this helmet is the first model to be made with FRP, or Fiber Reinforced Plastic, a patented technology of OGK Kabuto.

OGK Kabuto FF-4, Aeroblade 2

After three years, the OGK Kabuto FF-3 and Aeroblade 2 helmets were introduced, both featuring the FRP construction.

OGK Kabuto FF-M

The OGK FF-M is the first motocross helmet of OGK Kabuto introduced in 2004.

OGK Kabuto FF-4R

In 2005, the FF-4R was the first OGK Kabuto helmet equipped with a carbon-fiber shell.

OGK Kabuto FF-5

The OGK Kabuto FF-5 helmet was the first helmet in the world that features wake stabilizer, another technology patented by OGK Kabuto.

These are some of the helmet creations from OGK Kabuto that made OGK Kabuto one of the top leading brands in the industry.

OGK Kabuto Helmet Generations

The Motorcycle Helmets Store offers a wide range of outstanding and top quality Japanese helmets from Arai, Shoei and OGK Kabuto. Our main goal is to provide the best, offering the best protection, comfort and convenience for the whole riding community.

All of the helmets from our selection are assured to be safe and of top quality as our helmets have passed the Snell and or JIS standards.

Here are some of the helmets from OGK Kabuto that we have from our selection:


The newly released OGK Kabuto Aeroblade-5 Smart features a stylish and graphic design. This helmet comes in four different shades that riders can choose from.

Aside from its beautiful aesthetics and good looks, this helmet guarantees 100% protection and comfort to every rider.


ACT-EVO Adaption

OGK Kabuto integrated the ACT-EVO or the ‘Advanced Composite Technology’ to the Aeroblade-5 Smart. The ACT-EVO optimizes anti-penetration and boosts impact absorption on the helmet. These features make this a tough and efficient helmet for high-speed rides.

Glasses Friendly Cheek Pads

This helmet comes with comfortable cheek pads that allows riders to use their eyeglasses or sunglasses while wearing the helmet. Adequate space is provided to prevent the eyewear from hitting the helmet.

Wake Stabilizer

The Wake Stabilizer (Patent 461169) is the original aerodynamic-devised feature of OGK Kabuto. This stabilizer was developed through CFD or 3D Computational Fluid Dynamics.

At the same time, it comes with a front-projected area that helps decrease air resistance from the helmet’s front portion. The wake stabilizer also aids in reducing stress on riders during long rides.

MAX VISION and PINLOCK Insert Lenses Option

Pre-installed pins for MAX VISION and PINLOCK Insert Lenses are installed on this OGK Kabuto Helmet. These lenses help lessen the occurrence of fogging, by keeping a cool temperature inside the helmet.

This helmet is also a JIS certified helmet, which means it is safe for daily road use.


The OGK Kabuto Asagi is an open face helmet considered as one of their top quality helmets.

This helmet also comes with a wake stabilizer which is present along the helmet’s rear, to help manage the airflow during rides.

Inner Sun-shade

This helmet’s inner sun-shade visor can be tugged down or pushed up by activating the left button switch. The dark tint of the visor is dark enough just to protect the rider’s eyes from sun rays.


ASAGI BEAM Helmet Shield System

Using this feature, riders can possibly alter the clear visor shield by pushing the visor mechanisms button.

Clear UV Cut Shield

The clear lens of OGK Kabuto Asagi is conveniently coated with the UV cut function to protect the rider’s eyes from UV rays.

ASAGI BEAM Helmet Interior

The Asagi helmet’s pads are detachable and washable to keep them fresh and clean. The helmet utilized COOLMAX, a helmet padding material that absorbs sweat easily and completely. The COOLMAX padding also aids in maintaining comfort because of its deodorizing fiber material.

TPS (High Performance Thermoplastic Bodyshell)

A high-performing thermoplastic body shell is used for this helmet’s sun visor that makes it resistant to high impacts.

OGK Kabuto FF-R3

The OGK Kabuto FF-R3 is a full-face helmet that sports various features.

C-15 Quick Change Shield System

The C-15 quick change shield system allows the immediate release of the shield in case of accidents.

OGK Kabuto FF-R3

One-Touch Buckle

The chin strap can be easily detached with a single button press. This is convenient for riders who frequently removes his/her helmet.


The OGK Kabuto FF-R3’s ventilation system features a shutter along its rear part. This helps in discharging hot air from the helmet to keep it cool and comfortable.

OGK Kabuto Kazami

The OGK Kabuto Kazami is the perfect helmet for both regular and professional motorcycle riders. These helmets sport a lot of features like improved ventilation system, flip ups and more.

Eyeglasses Slit

The OGK Kabuto Kazami features cheeks pads that have slits for eyeglasses. RIders who need glasses when riding can freely do so when using this helmet.

Optimized Air Vents

The OGK Kabuto KAZAMI helmet comes with three air vents that can be easily closed and opened. This air vents also allows seamless air intake as well as effective emission of inner humid air.

OGK Kabuto Kazami

CM-2 Shield System

This shield system seamlessly and immediately allows removal of the helmet’s shield by pulling the ratchet base levers.

Flip-up System

This helmet features OGK Kabuto’s flip-up system where the rider can operate the lock at the base-center of chin cover to open it immediately.

Now we all know more about OGK Kabuto and their relentless effort to provide safety and comfort while keeping the style as they provide their customers with their quality helmets.

If you want to see more helmets from OGK Kabuto, just go and visit our Shop to see our selection from OGK Kabuto.