Riding the Off-road Safe with Dirt Bike Helmets

Dirt Bike Helmets – Nowadays, most people are into sports. Whatever sport it may be, we cannot deny that sports are a part of our daily lives.

Off-road motorcycle racing, or commonly known as motocross, is one sport that is known to some if not all. Since its birth during the 1900s, this sport has become increasingly popular in many countries.

Of course, participating in this sport certainly requires safety precautions. Since races of this type are done off-road, accidents are inevitable.

As motocross involves the use of motorcycle bikes, wearing protective gears such as helmets is important. Off-road helmets, also known as dirt bike helmets are the type of helmets suitable for this sport.

If you are particularly looking for one, join me as we go off-road and know more about dirt bike helmets!

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Dirt Bike Helmets

Dirt bike helmets are slightly odd compared from the usual helmets worn for urban riding. The shape and form of dirt bike helmets are designed and intended to provide full-face protection.

A dirt bike helmet is known for its elongated chin part, a chin bar, and a wide-open face gap to leave ample room for goggles or eyeglasses. With a demanding sport such as this, the wide gap provides more ventilation and a wide horizon for riders.

Thus, dirt bike helmets do not intend to have visors. Otherwise, visors would cause dust and dirt to accumulate inside the helmet which would be uncomfortable for riders.

Dirt Bike Helmets

Another unique thing on dirt bike helmets is its peak. The peak is designed to protect the rider against sunlight and to keep branches and other objects from hitting the rider in the face.

However, the helmet’s peak lessens the helmet’s aerodynamics. Thus, it gives a lot of wind resistance when running at high speeds.

Generally, dirt bike helmets are designed to provide maximum protection, proper ventilation, and minimum weight.

So that is basically what we need to know about dirt bike helmets, now here are some things to consider when looking for one.

Things to consider

When it comes to buying dirt bike helmets, your decision should not be solely based on the design and the looks of the helmet. Safety, protection and comfort should also be taken into consideration.


Typically, the dirt bike helmets that will provide the best protection are the higher end ones. It may be expensive but what is more, if that guarantees your safety right?

Riding the Off-road Safe with Dirt Bike Helmets


Another important thing that a rider should keep in mind is that weight matters! Buying a heavy helmet would lead to poor posture and can cause a sore neck for riders. It also increases fatigue and it’s more tiring to wear. So, look for a dirt bike helmet that is lightweight.


For this type of sport, aside from safety, ventilation is also of utmost importance. So, when looking for a dirt bike helmet always check if it is designed for proper ventilation.

Comfort and Fit

Look for a dirt bike helmet that fits you well to make your ride comfortable.

Guaranteed Safety

As overly mentioned, safety is a top priority. So, look for dirt bike helmets equipped with best safety technologies and approved by appropriate quality standards such as SNELL, JIS or DOT.

These are basically what a rider like you should consider when looking for a dirt bike helmet.

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Motorcycle Helmets Store

The Motorcycle Helmets Store provides the whole riding community with outstanding helmets from Japan like Arai, Shoei and OGK Kabuto. Our helmets are well-known for excellent build, design, comfort, and safety. All our helmets are proven to have passed Snell or JIS standards.

Here are some of the dirt bike helmets that the Motorcycle Helmets Shop offers:

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Tour Cross 3 Glass from Arai is perfectly designed for adventure type motorcycle riders. This is a multipurpose off-road helmet and one of the company’s latest models.

This helmet is equipped with an enhanced ventilation and cooling system that allows wind to enter the helmet. Side duct exhausts also on the helmet’s Hyper Rib that boosts the helmet’s rigidity and stability during high-speed rides.

All of Arai’s helmets including this one comes with a 5-year warranty and passed the Snell and JIS standards.


ARAI V-cross4

V-cross4 is built for speed and durability but guaranteed to be safe and comfortable for riders.

The eye port is created to leave adequate space for goggles or glasses. The gap prevents the eyeglasses from hitting the visor and increases the ventilation in the helmet.

This dirt bike helmet comes with an exhaust duct and a diffuser for easier maintenance. An air duct is built at the top rear part of the helmet.

V-cross4’s are 14mm long and 5mm wide, thus, it’s capable of deflecting any form of debris during high-speed rides. The chin bar is unique in its round shape with an exterior vent cap easily detachable in event of an accident.

ARAI V-cross4


VFX-WR is an upgrade of VFX-W, an off-road helmet built with latest technological advances for safety and increased comfort. Its visor uses a flange mechanism to maintain equilibrium.

This helmet is also built with enhanced ventilation and several technologies to improve shock absorption.



Shoei’s VFX-WR Blazon comes with its unique liner that utilizes MEDS. MEDS is an inserted ESP liner module created as a shock absorber for impacts during accidents. Its shell uses the AIM+ which is a combination of fiberglass and organic fibers for a lightweight structure. It comes with a double-D closure that makes it durable.

MEDS or Motion Energy Distribution System is a technology that assures security for challenging rides. Moreover, this helmet is also equipped with an enhanced ventilation system.

VFX-WR is also rigged with EQRS or Emergency Quick Release System that makes removal of chin pads easier in the event of an accident to lessen head and neck injuries.


These are few of the selections of dirt bike helmets from the Motorcycle Helmets Shop. If you want to look for more options just visit our Shop and look for a dirt bike helmet of your choice.