Quality Full-Face Helmets for Complete Head Protection

Safety is the top priority in riding a motorcycle, and full face helmets can meet that need. With all the gears recommended for both experts and beginners, a full-face helmet must be on top of one’s list.

Traveling has become convenient with the use of motorcycles, as it makes travel time short. Motorcycles are not only used for transportation but also for fun leisure activities. With that, motorists surely realize the advantages of having a motorcycle compared to bigger vehicles. But one must also be aware of the need for safety and protection that comes with riding a motorcycle.

A full-face helmet, by its name, covers the neck, head, and face of its user, making it the most recommended type of helmet for complete head protection. Nobody wants unexpected and unwanted injuries. So for safety, full-face helmets serve the best features.

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Features of Full-Face Helmets

Chin Bar

A full-face helmet is designed with a chin bar to protect the chin from minor to severe impact. Research on motorcycle accidents records that the chin gets severely damaged in an impact during an accident, and only the chin bar feature of a full-face helmet can provide protection for the chin and jaw.

With that, the chin bar makes a full-face helmet as the best headgear every rider must have.

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Riders and basically all types of drivers need to see clearly while on the road.

As visibility is significant, especially to riders and drivers of all kinds, a full-face helmet is designed with a visor to help the riders not only to have excellent road visibility but also to protect them from sunburn, windburn, rain, cold temperature, dust, and other road debris.

Because of these, motorcycle road trips can damage one’s face and eyes if not protected.

Good thing, the advancement of technology has allowed manufacturers to make visors that protect eyesight from UV rays. Also, the night vision feature gives riders good visibility at night, ensuring a safer ride has been a trend.

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Full-face helmets cover the rider’s whole head. Therefore, this can be a problem with breathing easily. But through the ventilation feature of the headgear that allows enough air, riders can still have ease with breathing.


Since full-face helmets are closed headgear, it can be hot using it during summer or on a regular hot day. Manufacturers have solved the problem by adding insulation technology to helmets.

With this technology, riders can also have a comfortable motorcycle ride during winter or on a cold day.

Outer Shell

Helmets are made to protect its user from sudden impacts. It is necessary for all riders to put into consideration what makes up the outer shell of their helmet. It has to be durable but also comfortable.

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Lightweight Built

Full-face helmets can become heavy with the features it puts together. However, manufacturers have started using lightweight materials in making the shell of most full-face helmets to make it comfortable. Though the materials are light, they are also durable to provide protection from minor to severe impact during an accident.

Ear Protection

Full-face helmets do protect not only the rider’s chin and face but also the ears.

Traveling fast on a motorcycle creates loud wind that can damage one’s hearing. With that, full-face helmet manufacturers have realized that ears must also be protected from the loud wind and other deafening road noises that can cause damage to one’s ears.

World-Class Brands and Products

Safety is the top priority of all riders. And these brands and headgears have become world-famous for their performance.


Shoei leads the helmet manufacturers in durability and performance. Shoei helmets also meet Snell and DOT standards while ensuring maximum comfort.


GT-Air II is one of the latest helmets of Shoei. It features sun-glare protection, advanced ventilation and defogging, enhanced aerodynamics and noise-reduction technology that allows motorists to focus on the riding.

Take for example the all-rounder GT-Air Bonafide TC3 that comes with the E.Q.R.S. or Emergency Quick-Release System. E.Q.R.S. allows medical experts to remove the helmet in case of an accident.


OGK Kabuto

OGK Kabuto promotes both safety and style. OGK Kabuto builds protective headgears for the young and the old, beginners and experts.

The OGK Kabuto AEROBLADE-5 Pearl White is a durable and lightweight helmet. It is built with dual density impact absorption technology and the A.C.T. EVO shell that gives riders maximum protection. Moreover, it is stylish, elegant, and comes with a 5-year warranty.


Arai Helmet

As the number one safest helmet of 2020, Arai Helmet takes its motivation to manufacture protective headgears that offer more protection from the owner himself Mitch Arai who is a rider. Arai did not want to compromise safety and made it his top priority.

ARAI RX-&X DOOHAN TT makes use of the PB-SNC2 resin that increases the toughness of the helmet. DOOHAN has tougher built, but it remains lightweight and comfortable. It is SNELL and JIS-certified and comes with a 5-year warranty.


These are just a few of the models that we have from our top brands. If you are the smart and the practical rider going for durabARAI RX-&X DOOHAN TTility and affordability, visit https://motorcyclehelmets.store/ for the best full-face helmet available for you.

Full-face helmets can come in many different builts. And motorists can acquire the best full-face helmet available here. As long as safety and protection are guaranteed, motorists can have a simple and durable headgear or a stylish and functional full-face helmet.

Motorcycle Helmets Store only sells excellent helmets from Japan like Arai, Shoei, and OGK Kabuto. These helmets have passed the Snell or JIS standards. But the best thing is that these brands are world-class. They are recognized all over the world for their excellent build, design, efficiency, enhanced comfort, safety, and most of all – performance.

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