Prevent Accidents and Save Lives

Prevent Accidents – Motorcycle riders are more prone to accidents because a motorcycle cannot provide the same kind of protection a car can provide. You may enjoy the freedom and adrenaline rush when riding a motorcycle, yet it is too dangerous if you go on a ride unprepared.

For this reason, riders should give extra effort to learn how to protect their bodies from possible minor to major injuries caused by road accident.

Prevent Accidents

With that, there are three major safety measures that you should be familiar with:

  • First, it is recommended that you take and enroll in a motorcycle safety course in your area and learn the safety measures and precautions on how to drive safely.
  • Second, you should be aware and pro-active of the many factors that could affect your ride, like road, weather conditions and any obstructions.
  • And lastly, you must allow yourself to be knowledgeable with all kinds of protective gears and learn how to maintain your motorcycle. This could contribute a lot to a safer and secured kind of ride.

However, the measures mentioned above can still be expounded. Enhance your understanding of these things by spending time to read the expounded information below so you can prevent accidents and save lives.

1. Wear protective gears.

Prioritizing protective gears may reflect how you prioritize saving your life. You should wear long pants and sleeves that are leather-made or made out of any protective material. You may also wear gloves, eye protection such as goggles and a type of footwear that is durable to protect your ankles. And most importantly, don’t forget to wear your helmet for it provides more protection than any protective gears you could ever wear.

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2. Be visible.

You must be visible while on a ride. It is highly recommended to wear bright colors and add reflective elements both on your clothing and motorbike. Always use your headlight at any time of the day and stay on a section where other motorcyclists can see you. And if you’re not sure about your visibility to other riders, make noise using your horn.

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3. Drive slowly.

Drive slowly but surely. This doesn’t mean that you don’t have the freedom as you enjoy the speed and thrill of motorcycle riding. But as a motorcyclist, you must be aware of your surroundings. The faster you drive, the less time you have to react to road distractions and any potential hazards. You must be extra careful while on the road. Follow speed limits.

4. Be alert on intersections.

Most of the motorcycle accidents occur on intersections. You must be on high alert when turning in intersections so that you can respond appropriately when in this kind of situation.

Don't drink and drive

5. Don’t drink and drive.

This is too dangerous. When you do this act, it means that you are allowing yourself to be on a high-risk and possibility to experience road fatality. According to research, 40 percent of motorcycle riders die in an accident because they were alcohol-impaired. If you have had too much to drink, it would be much better to just call for a drive share or taxi to drive you safely.

6. Beware of weather conditions.

It is also vital to check weather forecasts and/or conditions. When it’s sunny, you will need eye protection and even the use of a sunblock. When it;s rainy, you should be extra careful because the road becomes slippery. Knowing weather conditions will help you prepare and pack the safety gears you’ll need in case you get stuck in it.

7. Do not stay between active traffic and parked cars.

When you do this, you are putting yourself at high risk. It is dangerous because there could be instances where a car driver suddenly opens his or her car door and you would have no control with it. You may also not have enough time to take a break in active traffic while trying to avoid crashes.

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8. Maintain your motorcycle regularly.

You should perform regular maintenance on the following motorcycle components: engine, brakes, tires, headlamps and turn signals. Maintaining your bike can help you reduce the risk of an accident and you’ll be secured enough because you know that it’s in good condition.

9. Learn skills on how to deal with common road hazards.

You may encounter different road hazards while on a ride. It may be potholes, wet pavement, train tracks, branches of trees or rubber from blown-out tires. You should know how to face these hazards without being involved in a serious accident. And being skillful enough by doing strategies like braking and maneuvering can enable you to deal with these common road hazards.

10. Do not share a lane with another car.

When riding a motorcycle, sharing a lane with another car is an unnecessary risk to take because drivers do not expect to share lanes with motorcycles. Therefore, it may result in an accident.

Do not share a lane with another car

11. Pay attention to all potential hazards.

Your focus should be on what is happening while you’re on the road. Paying attention will allow you to see the potential hazards that are just around you. Examples of hazards are other cars, motorcycles, a left or right turn, pedestrian lanes or anything else like animals that pass by.

12. Get involved in a motorcycle safety course.

This may not be applicable for all but it is recommended and beneficial especially for beginners. This could help you learn different safety standards, guidelines and ways on how to avoid accidents, and you may also learn a lot of new riding skills.

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Riding a motorcycle can be fun but dangerous at the same time and these reminders may be simple. But by seriously taking the safety precautions, you can prevent an accident and save a life.

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