Must-Have: Motorcycle Accessories of All Time

Motorcycle Accessories – Motorcycles have been widely used around the world for transportation or even for fun leisure activities. For a specific kind of ride, there is a suitable motorcycle. All riders may enjoy quick or long hours of riding, but they must keep their focus on the road free from distractions and discomfort.

With the help of technology, riders today can receive a lot of benefits from many motorcycle accessories. Riders can experience extreme comfort and enhanced safety while driving. These accessories also help keep motorists focused and less distracted. Make your ride comfortable and stay protected with these must-have motorcycle accessories of all time.

Motorcycle Accessories

  • NOCO Genius Battery Charger and Maintainer

Charge your motorcycle battery with the NOCO multi-purpose battery charger. This accessory gives power to 12-Volt and 6-volt lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries. It also detects battery damages and repairs them to ensure extended battery life. Just attach the cables to your battery and press the power button to start the charging process.

With the NOCO multi-purpose battery charger, riders are always on the go.

  • Battery Tender Quick Disconnect Plug

It is basic to make sure that all our gadgets are fully powered when we are going on a trip. Whether it is a quick one or a long ride, gadgets are useless with a dead battery. But there will always be a time your gadget will run out of power. And if you are a motorcycle rider, that is a great hassle! This problem has been solved with the Tender Battery.

The Battery Tender Quick Disconnect Plug can be used to connect your gadget to your motorcycle battery. This accessory does no harm to your motorcycle battery. So, if your gadget runs out of power, the Battery Tender Quick Disconnect Plug can help you solve that problem.

smart motorcycle helmet

  • AKASO 4K WiFi Sports Action Camera

One of the best most used motorcycle accessories is the action cam. This camera is small and you can attach it on your helmet. The idea that it is a camera makes it sound like it is an expensive accessory. Well, you can try the best brand that is not budget-friendly or the Akaso EK7000 4K Action Camera that performs even better compared to the big names in the market.

The Akaso EK7000 is a perfect 4K action cam that takes 12mp photos and has a waterproof case. What’s surprising about this accessory is that it performs just like the expensive action cams, but it is so much cheaper. This affordable camera lasts 90 minutes when you are using it compared to the expensive action cam that lasts for 50 minutes.

With the Akaso EK700 4K Action Cam, record your best motorcycle ride.

  • Sena 30K

Imagine you are riding your motorcycle and your phone starts ringing, or you just want to enjoy your ride and play some music. Usually, you would have to stop and take or make that call or just ignore playing music because it is inconvenient to make a shortstop. Let the Sena 30K do the job for you.

The Sena 30K can make or answer calls, direct through the GPS navigation, and play your favorite music while on the go. With one click, riders can have access to these amazing wireless features. Not only that, the Sena 30K connects riders who are within a mile range through the Mesh 2.0 Network system.

Multi-task and connect to other riders while on the road with the new Sena 30K.

  • AstroAI Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

Tire pressure is very important in keeping one’s safety while on the road. As there are the appropriate levels of tire pressure for specific vehicles, riders must always keep in mind to check if their tire is conditioned for the journey.

Using the AstroAI Digital Tire Pressure Gauge, motorcycle riders can always track their tire pressure accurately and enjoy a safer ride. This is a perfect motorcycle accessory that takes care of the tire’s wear and tear.

  • Bell Photochromic Motorcycle Shield

Bell Transitions adaptive face shields automatically changes shade from light to dark while under the sun. Integrating advanced photochromic science with world-class Bell helmets sure delivers excellently made sun shields.

The shield blocks 100% of harmful UVA and UVB rays from the sun. The shield changes shade from clear to dark gray in under 10 seconds under the sun. This Bell shield features the Nutrafog II that prevents visor fogging.

Most motorcycle accidents fall under the category of problematic road view. With the Bell Transitions Motorcycle Shield, riders are safe with a better and clearer view of the way.

  • Brake Free

Enhance road trip safety using the Brake Free. This smart LED helmet accessory detects brake. You do not need to download apps, no cable or wiring needed, and it is hassle-free. It is equipped with wireless technology that recognizes all kinds of brakes.

There is no need to worry during night rides as Brake Free makes riders visible in the dark. With its 100 impressive LEDs, you will surely stand out and be visible. Brake Free also communicates to other riders and drivers behind.

  • Raylier Jacket

Not only helmets have become better with smart LED technology but also your body gear. Level up your safety with the Raylier Jacket.

The original light-up apparel, Raylier aims to enhance motorcycle riders’ safety and road visibility. Raylier Jacket comes with 12 LEDs: 6 white LEDs in the front and 6 red LEDs in the back.

The LEDs are designed to light-up in three modes that communicates to other riders or drivers while on the road. By just pressing a button you can control the LEDs. These lights also detect brakes that activate the LED to warn motorists behind. The LEDs are waterproof and are powered by a rechargeable battery.

These might look like an electronic accessory, but it does not need to be connected to your motorcycle battery. The jacket is best used at night or when visibility is a problem. But it still looks stylish and can be used like your favorite jacket during daylight. So if you want to keep that class look and stay protected, Raylier Jacket got your back.

Raylier Jacket

  • Jarvish X-AR

Meet the demands of this fast-paced generation through the smart motorcycle helmet Jarvish X-AR. This helmet is built with advanced wireless technology. Some of the best features of this protective headgear are the voice command HUD, the Alexa AI, and the360 degrees camera.

Motorcycle rides have become more convenient with Jarvish X-AR Voice Command Heads-Up Display. It gives this feature to riders for more focus and less hassle navigation. Using simple voice cues activates the road visual guide that helps riders keep their eyes on the road.

Control some of your mobile features hands-free! The Jarvish X-AR allows riders to play music, make or take calls, and many more by just pairing it with your smartphone’s Bluetooth connectivity. Powered by OK Google, Alexa, and Siri, this helmet is sure the smartest.

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This helmet also boasts its 360 degrees ultra-wide camera that can capture everything that surrounds the rider. It uses a 2K cam that can be activated using voice. Record road trips in the 265GB removable memory chip or set it up for a live video on your social media sites again via voice command.

This helmet also features smart sensors and a noise cancellation system. It is certified by DOT, ECE, CNS, and FCC providing riders with maximum safety and protection.


There are many motorcycle accessories out in the market that can meet riders’ needs. There will always be one that puts safety and style together. With the growing number of riders, expect that there will be more innovations in motorcycle accessories. But always remember to prioritize your maximum safety and protection while keeping your style.

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