Modular Helmets: For a Safe and Convenient Ride

Modular Helmets – Safety First! This is the first thing to consider in everything that we do. Especially in things that require safety and precautions. One is when riding a motorcycle.

In most of the countries, motorcycles have been part of the transportation system. If not all, most people choose to ride motorcycles since it’s easy to drive and for many reasons that people find it advantageous.

As we talk about safety, a great ride will make it greater when it’s safer right? So having the proper protection gears when riding a motorcycle should be of main importance. No one knows when accidents will come so it’s best and rightful to be prepared when the time inevitably allows. Wearing a helmet is one of the best things to do while going for a ride!

Helmets come in various forms and types suitable for the different wants and needs of a rider. Among the many are modular helmets. So let’s dive in and learn more about modular helmets.

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What is a Modular Helmet?

Right in the middle of full-face helmets and open face helmets, there lie the modular helmets.

Also known as ‘flip-up’ helmets, modular helmets allow the riders to be kept protected without sacrificing convenience.

At first glance, one may find it similar to a full-face helmet as its materials and its fixtures are the same. What makes it distinct is the flip-up visor for eye protection. In terms of weight, modular helmets are found to be slightly heavier compared to other types of helmets.

Most people who prefer using modular helmets are the cruisers, adventure riders and those who go on a ride for a tour.

Modular helmets are found to be more comfortable and more convenient for most riders because of its great features. So, here are the advantages of wearing modular helmets.

Modular Helmets

Advantages of Modular Helmets

Flip-up visors

When up for long rides, riders need to stop and take in some fresh air during stops. But some may find it a hassle as other helmets may need to be removed entirely for riders to rest and breathe.

But wearing modular helmets allows riders to take in air without the inconvenience of removing the helmet itself. Whenever riders need to take a break from a long ride, flipping the hinged visor would come handy for a breath of fresh air.

Flip-up Chin Bars

Inevitable conversations for riders might take place during stops and it is hard to talk and to be heard with a helmet on. In order to do so, one may need to fully remove the helmet to engage in a conversation.

But thanks to modular helmets as they come up with flip-up chin bars where riders can talk and chat without the inconvenience of removing the entire helmet.

Suitable for inclement weather

Modular Helmets

While most prefer to go out when it’s dry outside, there are days when the sudden downpour is inevitable. During these times, moisture may accumulate in the helmet’s glass that might cloud the rider’s vision.

One great thing about modular helmets is that they are also great to use during rainy days as it protects the rider’s head, including the eyes and the face, keeping them dry. Therefore, these helmets are best to wear not only in the dry season but also during wet and rainy seasons.


More often than not, riders may find it uncomfortable wearing a helmet as airflow inside is somehow restricted.

Most modular helmets are equipped with ventilation technology so riders need not worry about feeling too much heat and keeping the air in circulation inside the helmet, especially in long sunny rides.

Upgrade and add-ons

Most modular helmets are up for optional upgrades and add-ons to add extra convenience during rides.

Modular Helmets from our Top-quality Brands

Motorcycle Helmets Store offers various kinds of modular helmets equipped with different features that will surely suit your needs. We sell quality and top-notch helmets from various Japanese brands: Arai, Shoei and OGK Kabuto.

These are just some of our best modular helmets:


This helmet from Shoei is suitable for all occasions and is equipped with a first-class protection system, comfort and convenience. It also has a flip-up feature and built for improved aerodynamics. Moreover, it comes with an internal sun shield, PINLOCK EVO SYSTEM and many more features that perfectly fits a rider’s needs.


The OGK Kabuto Kazami is one of the leading helmets from OGK Kabuto that is for professional and regular riders. It’s equipped with a lot of great features that offer up a safe and comfortable ride.

OGK Kabuto KAZAMI FLAT Features

Wake Stabilizer

The wake stabilizer is a patented technology of OGK Kabuto that maintains the airflow inside the helmet while reducing load at the same time.

Eyeglasses Slit

This helmet comes with eyeglasses slit through the cheek pads so riders can still keep their glasses while riding.

Optimized Air Vents

The OGK Kabuto Kazami Flat comes with three air vents that are easy to close and open.

Ear Openings

This gear comes up with ear openings not only just for comfort but to keep the air flow inside.


The Arai XD Track is one of the best helmets from Arai that is known for its design and features as of the Legendary Chris Carr. Designed and made not only for class and elegance, but it’s also durable and intended for comfort and convenient use.


Here’s a couple of Arai XD Track Features that might interest you.

Fixed Chin Curtain

Its chin curtain is specialized to block wind noise while maintaining good airflow.

Mouth Vent + Eye-Port Ventilation

Open close shutters are integrated in this helmet to allow enough air to flow through the mouth area and to activate the demist function of the helmet.

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A lot of these and more are up for grabs at the Motorcycle Helmets Store. Just visit and look for the exclusive helmet brand from Arai, Shoei and OGK Kabuto that suit your needs.

As Charles M. Hayes once said, ‘Safety first is safety always’. Make sure to practice safety by starting to wear a helmet before going for a ride.

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