The new model under the Z Series, SHOEI Z-7, was created by having all the best features integrated into it. This includes the freshest Shield System, among other excellent aspects to make for a great riding helmet.

The Z-7 model boasts of its lightweight and compactness, which is the primary concept of this series from SHOEI. These great features were even optimized further with aerodynamic features, an effective ventilation system, plus comfortable interiors.


With these notable aspects and elements, the SHOEI Z-7 will allow riders to experience comfort and security. Plus, they can guarantee 100% security and protection while driving and riding fast, anytime, anywhere.

Elements of Excellence for Today’s Riders

SHOEI made sure to include all the best elements available to produce the Z-7. They’ve added a QSV-1 Sun Shield System, base plate system, and CNS-3 Shield to make the helmet waterproof and windproof.

In addition, the way the helmet was nicely molded allows riders to experience a distortion-free view while driving.

The Concept of Comfort, Compactness, and Being Lightweight

SHOEI focuses on a design concept to keep the Z-7 lightweight and compact. What’s more, its build ensures comfort and decreased noise, no matter how fast a rider drives down the road.

Its aerodynamic shape and airtight shield system help lessen wind noise. Plus, there’s no unnecessary wind entering the helmet, only adequate air to keep the rider well-ventilated.

So for comfort, silence, great ventilation, and durability, go for the SHOEI Z-7. Go for the best there is.