The SHOEI Z-7 ZORK is a limited edition model released on February 2020. It’s a lightweight full-face helmet featuring an aerodynamic form that’s perfectly compact. For enhanced levels of comfort, it has a great ventilation system.

Original price was: $749.99.Current price is: $679.99.
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What Makes It an Excellent Riding Gear?

The full-face helmet features an enhanced aerodynamic shape for the X-7 ZORK, and sports highly-efficient spoilers and vents.

SHOEI also integrated the PINLOCK EVO lens to help prevent fogging on the shield. This lens provides a clear and comfortable vision in all riding conditions.

There’s also a CWR-1 Shield, a freshly created feature for the Z-7 ZORK. With enhanced optical elements, it offers adequate and natural vision while decreasing any signs distortion.

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Design and Build of the Z-7 ZORK

The helmet has a tough and durable shell because of the presence of AIM. It gives the Z-7 Zork 100% which is essential for every rider around.

Aside from that, the helmet is comfortable to use yet has a firm hold once worn. You’ll get added protection because of the present polyurethane foam pad. Aside from security and comfort, the foam pad prevents unnecessary noise from entering the Z-7 ZORK.

Z-7 ZORK Helmet – Fit for Everyone’s Style

Although the Z-7 only comes in TC-7, it’s still stylish and attractive for people who enjoy vibrant and bright shades.

TC-7 is a cool mix of white and pink, and it comes in different sizes. These include extra small, small, medium, large, and double extra large.