The SHOEI Z-7 VARIABLE was released in November 2018, and was an addition to the company’s Z-7 series. It’s a helmet perfect for riders who enjoy full-face racing pieces that are compact, lightweight, and have an aerodynamic shape.

The full-face racing helmet focuses on having a lightweight and secure form combined with an aerodynamic shape. It features an excellent ventilation system and a well-planned interior for absolute comfort.

Top-Notch and Quality Aspects for the Cautious Rider

SHOEI created their helmet with security, efficiency, and comfort in mind. With that, they included the shield system to protect every rider’s face from dust, dirt, and wind. It also aids in protecting them from the sun’s harmful UV rays. In addition, they’ll have a distortion-free view while driving which is essential for utmost safety.

The Z-7 VARIABLE will also give riders proper ventilation even when worn for hours. It’s all thanks to the EPS liner that’s present which helps alter humid air into something more cool and refreshing.

This full-face helmet features an aerodynamic shape to eliminate stress due to wind pressure. It’ll be more comfortable for the rider since it further aids in the reduction of the helmet’s total weight.

The AIM shell is also present, and it’s responsible for the Z-7 VARIABLE’s lightweight feature. For its PINLOCK EVO lens, these keeps the rider’s view clear even during low temperatures.