The SHOEI Z-7 PHILOSOPHER was released in January 2019. And by its looks, it appears a lot like the very first helmet SHOEI produced in 1958.

It has a vintage and classic feel to it, but is integrated with a lot of modern technologies. Of course, it sports the popular element of the Z-7 series – a compact and lightweight construction.

A Helmet Designed for Your Needs

The Z-7 PHILOSOPHER comes with an excellent build and design. It features the AIM outer shell to give every rider optimal protection against impact.

Combined with AIM is the EPS liner that adds more protection to the rider’s head during accidents.

High-quality materials are used for the helmet’s liner cover which absorbs and dissipates heat. This results in more comfort for the rider who does long drives.

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Awesome Features for Enhanced Riding

Aside from its improved design, SHOEI integrates numerous features that improve the Z-7 PHILOSOPHER’s performance.

It has better aerodynamics to lessen the stress applied to a rider’s neck. This stress is caused by the weight and wind pressure during rides.

There’s also a dual-layer EPS liner for better ventilation. Riders won’t have to endure humid and warm air since unrestricted airflow is present. You’ll get cool and fresh air which is great for lengthy motorcycle rides.

And due to the enhanced aerodynamics, the Z-7 PHILOSOPHER has reduced wind noise to keep the rider aware of the road’s noise.