The SHOEI Z-7 HARMONIC is released in February 2019. It has an attractive flower pattern that offers a feel of the Japanese culture.

The Z-7 HARMONIC is a well-constructed full-face helmet with the high-quality AIM shell and features an excellent aerodynamic design. Also, it has well-positioned ventilations for absolute comfort.


Excellently Designed Helmet

This full-face helmet is compact and lightweight with full aerodynamics. Additionally, its ventilation system efficiently provides comfort, but without noise.

The PINLOCK EVO Lens prevents shield fogging during low temperatures and provides clear vision at all times.

The Z-7 HARMONIC also has an excellent aerodynamic design. It reduces load on the rider’s neck during high-speed riding. To prevent wind noise in the helmet, SHOEI performed multiple wind tunnel tests while producing this helmet.

For its structure, it features the AIM Shell, which combines organic fibers that keep it lightweight. Even with reduced weight, the helmet is durable due to the complex layers of glass fiber and other advanced materials.

The interior of the Z-7 HARMONIC are all made of excellent and high-quality materials for fit and comfort. With that, riders can wear it during long rides without feeling uncomfortable.

The Z-7 HARMONIC has the perfect fit on the inside to keep the helmet secure and in place. Riders can ensure that it stays comfortable even in the fastest rides.