The SHOEI Z-7 EQUATE is a riding gear made for motorcyclists aiming for a helmet that’s compact, lightweight, and comfortable. It has that classic appeal because of the rounded cap and combines an aerodynamic shape to it as well. SHOEI takes this design and form to suppress any lift and drag from the helmet while driving.

It’s a full-face model that’s stylish, cool, aesthetically pleasing and functional. Aside from a distinctly nice look, the helmet is also highly comfortable while providing proper ventilation as well.

Z-7 Equate for the Best Driving Experience

The rounded cap of the helmet offers a classic vibe to suppress lift and drags. With that, riders can enjoy driving more since the helmet provides more comfort and better aerodynamic design.

This Z-7 EQUATE features the CWR-1 shield that provides a clear view. For a better driving experience, it also has removable ear pads that further reduce wind noise. At the same time, it has an enhanced ventilation system to keep the helmet’s interior cool and dry,

Its AIM+ Shell is a durable material that is also elastic and lightweight to provide more safety for its user. With an improved aerodynamic design, the helmet’s load and pressure were repaired. Like all SHOEI helmets, the EQUATE underwent repetitive wind tunnel tests to improve and enhance its aerodynamic design.