SHOEI Z-7 BRAWN is a helmet under SHOEI’s Z-7 series, and is known for being tough, compact, and lightweight.

Under this collection, all helmets from the Z-7 series have decreased weight combined with a compact design. They also have a cool aero shape, optimized ventilation, and of course, comfortable interiors for prolonged use.

SHOEI improved all these features for the Z-7 BRAWN, offering a brand new and exciting experience for every rider.

Features Fit for A Fast Rider

The enhanced features present on the Z-7 BRAWN include the PINLOCK EVO Lens. It provides a fog-free vision for a clearer view of the road.

There’s added comfort for users, especially when using the helmet during long, fast rides. The Z-7 BRAWN comes with an airtight shield system combined with an aerodynamic form to prevent excessive wind noise.

The company also included removable earpads to restrain noise and wind pressure in every frequency range.

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Interestingly, they included window beadings on the upper portion and sides of the helmet. It enhances the helmet’s elasticity while keeping its shield secure and in place. Additionally, riders will enjoy an air-tight seal that helps prevent too much wind noise from getting in the Z-7 BRAWN.

Another notable feature that SHOEI integrated into the helmet includes the AIM shell structure for a flexible and sturdy construction.

It’s one of the best from SHOEI, and it’s ideal for riders who aim for enhanced protection, durability, and lightweightness.