The SHOEI X-Fourteen 14 is a stunning model that isn’t a simple commuter helmet. It was built and designed for motorcyclists and racers who need top-notch riding gear that’s both efficient and safe.

This helmet isn’t an upgrade of any previous model. It’s a gear sporting an entirely new shell design that looks great, feels great, and protects 100%.

An Outstanding Full-Face Helmet

Its shell is made of the multi-ply matrix AIM plus that’s a combination of organic fiber, fiberglass, and other composite materials. What’s great about the X-Fourteen 14 is that it’s both DOT and Snell-approved. And because of AIM plus, it’s an extremely lightweight piece.

Once worn, you’ll experience a secure, snug, yet comfortable feel. It’s got aerodynamic advantages because of the Vortex Generators and CWR-F race shield.

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Neotec II


The SHOEI X-Fourteen 14’s opening is slightly smaller, thus, giving the user a pleasant effect once worn. It creates a more secure fit along the neck that decreases excess wind from entering.

In addition, it also keeps wind noise at bay. You can hear the surroundings adequately, and a distinct lack of wind noise was present.

This full-face helmet has sufficient air intakes for good ventilation. For better aerodynamic performance, the shell features its unique shape and surface. With the PINLOCK EVO lens, the rider’s view stays clear at all times and prevents shield fogging.