The SHOEI X-Fourteen MARQUEZ5 was introduced in 2018. It’s a stylish helmet that showcases the number 93, and was designed by the professional road-racing athlete, Marc Marquez. It’s an approved helmet with quality features, speed, precision, and style.

The MARQUEZ5 features well-positioned ventilations for excellent flow-through. For added comfort, it also has the Cheek Pad Cooling System that eliminates warm and humid air in the helmet.

Additionally, it features the EQRS, which allows for easy removal of the helmet during emergencies. To keep the rider safe, it also has impact-absorbing elements.

Original price was: $1,069.99.Current price is: $969.99.
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A Professional-Grade Helmet

The interior of the X-Fourteen MARQUEZ5 Helmet consists of six individually replaceable center pads. It helps riders achieve the best fit by exchanging the front, rear, side, neck, and top pads.

High-performance moisture absorption pads are on the surface of the SHOEI X-Fourteen MARQUEZ5’s interior. These are the quick-drying raised fibers that feature a comfortable texture.

To improve the aerodynamic design of the helmet, SHOEI performed repetitive extensive wind tunnel tests.

With the dual-layer EPS liner, the helmet has higher capabilities of absorbing impact. This also adds to the helmet’s safety and comfort.

Lastly, the X-Fourteen MARQUEZ5 is made of AIM+ Shell. AIM+ or Advanced Integrated Matrix Plus consists of multiple layers of organic fiber, making it resilient, durable, and lightweight.