The SHOEI X-Fourteen DE ANGELIS is one of the graphic and artistic helmet models from SHOEI. It features the DE ANGELIS design from Alex De Angelis, a professional motorcycle racer from San Marino.

It’s a cool-looking full-face X-series helmet that’s packed with excellent features such as extreme comfort, optimized protection, and greater durability. Get 100% comfort and protection when wearing the X-Fourteen DE ANGELIS helmet. At the same time, enjoy a reliable and durable build that’s perfect for every riding condition.

The X-Fourteen DE ANGELIS is integrated with state of the art materials combined with intuitive technology. With that, it has become one of the best helmets from SHOEI to date.

Original price was: $1,069.99.Current price is: $969.99.
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Get the Best from the Best

During emergencies, removing a helmet can get a bit tricky. However, SHOEI designed the X-Fourteen DE ANGELIS to make it quick and easy. You also won’t have to worry about lack of air entering the helmet while driving. The company included adequate air vents for proper ventilation.

The inner part of the helmet is also cool and comfortable due to the included cheek pads and cooling features. Even during hot and humid rides, you won’t suffer with humid/warm air when wearing the X-Fourteen DE ANGELIS helmet.

Another excellent aspect of the helmet is that you’ll get a customized fit based on your preference. You can change the inner pads to your preferred piece. Plus, it’s best to opt for those that are thick enough to properly fit your head’s shape.

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