The SHOEI VFX-WR is a new and improved version of the VFX-W. This off-road helmet has the newest and most advanced technologies for all rider’s better driving experience. It’s stylish, efficient, but it also has high levels of comfort and protection.

This helmet is excellent to wear when engaging in high-speed rides.

The Off-Road Helmet for Speed Riding

Like its predecessor, the SHOEI VFX-WR features an unconventional and aggressive yet stylish design. What makes it excellent for fast riding is that it keeps the rider’s goggles in place. This model was made with the mold technology to create a helmet with an advanced, solid, and more durable form.

Its V-470 makes use of a flange mechanism to maintain balance. Also, its convenient layout allows the wearer to insert the visor into its standard position with ease. Plus, it prevents the visor from unintentionally dropping even during off-road riding.


Its AIM+ Shell consists of multiple layers of composite organic fibers that have high shock absorption capabilities. With the 3-piece EPS liner, the VFX-WR has better shock absorbing functions. The MEDS adds a layer of EPS along the scalp to reduce rotational pressure, especially when accidents occur.

For absolute comfort, this model has excellent ventilation. It is essential for off-road riding, which involves a lot of movement and sweating.