The SHOEI VFX-WR FAITHFUL is a high-quality helmet that provides comfort and safety. With its top-notch features, it’s one of the best helmets for both casual and professional riders.

This model offers a durable shell, excellent ventilation, excellent aerodynamics, as well as high levels of comfort and safety. This makes it the best helmet for all riders.

Original price was: $849.99.Current price is: $769.99.
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Compared to SHOEI’s previous products, the VFX-WR FAITHFUL has a larger opening along the mouthpiece. This allows the rider to breathe easily, especially during off-road riding. It’s set with a single screw to allow riders to remove this with ease for cleaning and maintenance.

It also features a metal-aluminum screen outside for blocking foreign elements from entering.

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Neotec II


This off-road model is the first to feature MEDS or Motion Energy Distribution System on its inner shell. Also, it has an additional layer of EPS to reduce rotational acceleration energy on the rider’s head. This helps reduce the risks of brain injuries during an accident.

For its outer shell, it’s made of SHOEI’s proprietary AIM+, which consists of multiple layers of organic fiber composite. It’s a tough yet lightweight material that offers added protection.

To keep the rider comfortable, it has an innovative ventilation technology. The vents are larger compared to the previous model to allow for more cool air to enter the helmet. Extractors along the rear are also present for improved internal cooling.