SHOEI’s VFX series has been the leader of off-road helmets, and one of the best is their VFX-WR BRAYTON.

The company continues to integrate innovative and bold designs, as well as excellent safety features to their products.

While the helmet’s predecessors’ designs are continuously recognizable, the brand new VFX-WR pushes the boundary of evolution. This only means SHOEI incorporated years of research and development to come up with an amazing helmet such as this.

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With all its excellence, SHOEI’s efforts resulted in the VFX-WR BRAYTON. A helmet that leads the way to a new generation of off-road motorcycle helmets.

For the VFX-WR BRAYTON, the company adopted a fresh impact-absorbing liner technology – the MEDS or Motion Energy Distribution System. Technically, it’s a more advanced solution than any other current conventional dual liner.

Its primary EPS liner absorbs and handles impact from outside. However, there’s an extra central layer of EPS liners that decrease rotational acceleration energy. This aspect is vital especially in the event of an accident.

In addition, the helmet is anchored by a bigger central column, allowing its inner layer to swing during impacts. It’ll also get to absorb adequate energy because of the three available perimeter columns.

These are great features for the VFX-WR BRAYTON, resulting in a significant decrease of force to every rider’s head.