The SHOEI RYD is a full-face helmet that shows off SHOEI’s ability in creating unique designs. Here, they combined black parts that highlight its aesthetics. RYD is one of their amazing street helmets that look sleek while keeping a charming and minimalist appeal.

Although claimed as a street helmet perfect for short street rides, the RYD is more than that. It still works excellently for long tours and guarantees to provide every rider stability, comfort, and excellence.

Street and Road Tripping with the Best

The RYD sports an accurately attractive design where riders can display its premium and sleek exterior. Compared to SHOEI’s other models, the RYD is their helmet with the most compact shell. It goes perfectly with its sleek black hue which boosts this motorcycle gear’s aesthetics.

Aside from its excellent looks, the SHOEI RYD sports proper ventilation, making it a winning piece for the road.

The helmet also comes with the CWR-1 shield system that offers each rider a clear and accurate field of view. This feature of the helmet is all thanks to SHOEI’s enhancements since they utilized an optical design for the RYD.

With that, proper vision and sight is acquired, which is essential for every motorcyclist around.

In addition, the company also integrated the AIM+ outer shell, defogger ventilation, and EQRS. It’s to provide a better, optimized, and top-quality full-face motorcycle helmet.