The SHOEI NEOTEC-II (2) is the perfect helmet for today’s riders. It’s a stylish and efficient model with an improved protection system while providing convenience and comfort.

It also comes with enhanced aerodynamics and an internal sun shield. Additional features include the flip-up feature, PINLOCK EVO System, and integration with SENA. All of these features make it the ideal helmet for everyday use.

A Helmet for All Occasions

The NEOTEC-II (2) comes with the AeroDeflector that enhances the helmet’s aerodynamics. With its enhanced sealing technology around the neck area, quietness in the helmet has significantly improved.

For those who need a communication system in the helmet, the SENA 20S Evo is integrated in this model.

Another excellent feature is the new and improved modular flip-up function. This feature allows for switching to an open-face setup. With that, it offers a two-in-one design.

The face cover has a unique lock technology, which is adopted from the original NEOTEC helmet. This makes it easier to use even while wearing gloves.

Its advanced and optimized ventilation system effectively keeps the rider comfortable at all times. It eliminates hot air in the helmet and keeps the interior cool and comfortable. Aside from that, it also has a durable lid that can be easily opened and closed.