The SHOEI NEOTEC II EXCURSION is a motorcycle accessory that provides style, precision, and adaptability for every rider. It’s integrated with flip-up versatility, better aerodynamics, and other excellent features.

These include the internal sun shield and PINLOCK EVO lens. Plus, since it can integrate with the SENA SRL, the NEOTEC II EXCURSION makes for the best modular helmet.

Aside from optimizing its style and design, the helmet sports a better form for noise reduction. It’s all thanks to the spring-loaded visor that removes air gaps when the helmet is shut.

What’s more, tons of great and notable features are integrated into this SHOEI helmet. They all make for a better riding gear to protect the rider while keeping them comfortable.

100% Protection, Comfort, and Efficiency for the Modern Rider

The SHOEI NEOTEC II EXCURSION is packed with modern technologies which make it an excellent helmet for today’s rider.

It sports the QSV-1 internal sun shield that gives the rider instant relief from the sun’s glare. The shield also offers a distortion-free feature that enhances protection from UV rays.

For this model, there’s optimized modular functionality and aerodynamics. The latter helps manage and control airflow in and out of the NEOTEC II EXCURSION while simultaneously decreasing noise.

The AIM+ shell that’s present keeps this helmet lightweight while being solid and elastic. For interiors, it has that 3D interior linear system to provide everyone wearing the helmet a comfortable and perfect fit.

No matter how long you ride and drive, the SHOEI NEOTEC II EXCURSION is a perfect helmet for today’s motorcyclist.