SHOEI JO is a stylish and durable helmet perfect for riders who love the mix of modern and classic characteristics. SHOEI utilized top-notch and unique materials to produce the JO. It resulted in a helmet that’s durable while sporting the contemporary Ducktail design of the 50s.

Aside from the stylish and eye-catching aesthetics, the SHOEI JO guarantees 100% durability, protection, and comfort for riders. It’s a cool piece, and riders can also choose the JO helmet in their preferred color and size.

Modern Technologies in a Classically Modern Helmet

Riders will love the different modern features that are packed in the SHOEI JO. These include the CJ-3 shield, plus enhanced reduction of noise and wind turbulence.

The shield lets riders adjust the shield based on their preference: how low it drops before deployment. Plus, the helmet can be tweaked to reach the rider’s ideal shield placement.

Aside from these, the motorcycle gear features improved reduction for noise and wind turbulence.

Best Selling Shoei Helmet Models





Neotec II


When it comes to its design, the SHOEI JO features the AIM shell. It helps the helmet absorb impact adequately when necessary.

There’s also an EPS liner present. And along with the cheek pads and chain strap covers, the liners are replaceable and washable.

The helmet provides relief against strong winds and protection against UV rays. It’s because JO integrates the CJ-3 shield system, which adds to the efficiency of the helmet.