One of SHOEI’s latest helmets is the SHOEI JO HAWKER. It’s perfect for riders who prefer open-face models, and it features a sleek and stylish look to it.

The piece is reminiscent of classic designs that bring back the charm of helmets from the past.

Aside from the vintage and classy exterior, JO HAWKER is a lightweight and compact piece. It’s a great mix of retro and contemporary functions, letting riders safely drive with style.

It sports a shell made from organic fibers, and a molding technology to help optimize its elasticity and strength. The helmet also ensures heightened impact absorption for added safety.

Great news for riders since the JO HAWKER is an extremely safe helmet for everyday wear. It’s great for fast riding due to the integrated visor, making it easier and convenient to wear while driving.

Ride Fast, Ride Safe

The JO HAWKER comes with an orthodox form mixed with a ducktail shape. It’s a design exhibiting SHOEI’s original style and flair.

Aside from aesthetics, it gives a perfectly comfortable fit which is ideal for riders wearing the helmet for prolonged periods.

The shell has AIM+, so riders can be sure of utmost safety. It’s durable, sturdy, and can handle impacts despite its lightweight form.

Of course, SHOEI added the CJ-3. It’s shaped nicely and adequately to avoid any screen contact with the user’s face.