With the SHOEI JO CARBURETTOR, retro meets modern. It’s an open-face helmet that adopts the design of SHOEI’s vintage collection.

The helmet features a compact shell with the company’s advanced technologies and outstanding production methods.

This model is an excellent choice for retro style and theme.

The Retro and Modern Helmet

The JO CARBURETTOR weighs only 1,000 grams, which is absolutely lightweight. It effectively reduces strain and pressure on the rider’s neck.

Although light, it has a premium feel and it also guarantees complete safety and protection.

It features an integrated retractable visor with tabs on both sides. The helmet also allows for proper adjustment for every rider’s comfort.

For the outer shell, the helmet uses AIM, a combination of composite and organic fiber for better shock absorption. It retains its strength even on a second impact.

The interior has fleece lining with suede and leather along the helmet’s top and bottom edges. Its padding provides a retro and vintage vibe that’s stylish and fashionable.

For hygiene and maintenance, the center and cheek pads are easily replaceable and washable.

To enhance the helmet’s performance and versatility, it features the CJ-3 Shield.

Since it’s an open-face helmet, the JO CARBURETTOR doesn’t have lots of vents. It only comes with two exhaust slits at the rear liner’s bottom edge.