The SHOEI J-FORCE IV (4) is an open-face model that provides top-notch comfort and safety standards. It also has excellent design concepts, such as advanced aerodynamic performance, a well-shaped structure, and proper ventilation for high-speed rides.

With all of these impressive features, the J-FORCE IV (4) is the ideal helmet for you.

Comfort, Safety, and Advanced Technologies

The J-FORCE IV (4) offers absolute comfort with the 3D Full Support Inner Type IV. This new interior system provides a secure yet comfortable fit. The proper fit also eliminates unnecessary noise caused by the wind.

Its center and cheek pads absorb and release the humidity in the helmet. Aside from that, the pads also absorb sweat faster than standard nylon linings in other helmets.

The CJ-2 System maintains the helmet’s stability during high-speed rides. It also stops the wind from rolling-in to reduce wind noise. The improved closure allows for better and comfortable riding experience.

PINLOCK EVO Lens eliminates fogging during low weather conditions to keep the rider’s field of view clear. This allows for a safer riding experience.

One of the highlights of the J-FORCE IV (4) is its ventilation system. The vents are well-located for better air absorption.

For the exterior, this helmet makes use of AIM or Advanced Integrated Matrix, which is SHOEI’s exclusive shell structure. It consists of strong glass fiber layers and organic fiber, which allows the shell to be lightweight and durable.