Here at Motorcycle Helmets, we offer you the premium open face SHOEI J-FORCE IV REFINADO line of helmets.

These are helmets combined with the company’s continuous pursuit of comfort, safety, and their top-notch design. This includes optimized aerodynamic performance to offer high-speed range. It also has excellent ventilation since it realizes the ultimate edged shape and coolness of a quality helmet.

To put it simply, the J-FORCE IV REFINADO creates a fresh riding scene that’ll truly fascinate your mind.

Original price was: $739.99.Current price is: $669.99.
Original price was: $739.99.Current price is: $669.99.
Original price was: $739.99.Current price is: $669.99.

Visage and Aesthetics of the SHOEI J-FORCE IV REFINADO

Of course, SHOEI focuses on the exterior of their REFINADO line as much as they focus on its quality. We’ve listed their line’s primary features that make SHOEI helmets trusted biking accessories among riders.

Compact & Lightweight

Usually, motorcycle helmets are heavy and can cause stress on your head and neck when worn for long periods.

However, the J-FORCE REFINADO line offers a compact and lightweight design that’s perfect for warmer days.

To get a lightweight helmet, the weight of its shell and other parts are reduced. Despite it having a lighter weight, the J-FORCE IV REFINADO helmets are tough and provide adequate protection.

A Beauty with Great Aerodynamics

After thorough experiments done in wind tunnels, the aero form design of the helmet is created.

The test is a process wherein the shape of the product’s spoiler is created due to multiple spans. Here, a sharp and edged shell is integrated, as well as an outlet drawing a sharp line.

Best Selling Shoei Helmet Models





Neotec II


While it establishes a sporty and aggressive form, it acquires a heightened aerodynamic performance. These features result in high-speed stability which is efficient in decreasing the fatigue you feel.

Proper Ventilation

An improved ventilation system is one major feature of the series. It has adequate ventilation due to the optimally-positioned ventilation holes.

The helmet comes with the right ventilation function, allowing you to enjoy enough wind from entering.

Shield system

Reduced Wind Entrapment and Better View

For the J-FORCE IV models, SHOEI adopted the CJ-2 shield, which provides a clearer and more natural field of view. It’s because its size is extended, and the front & back sides are thicker compared to the previous CJ-1 shield.

With its partially altered curvature, it also prevents wind entrapment to reduce noise.

Unique Double Action Open-Close System

The shield base of J-FORCE IV REFINADO is attached to the window rubber. It also features a DOWN & PRESS double-action mechanism for lowering the shield.

With better shield adhesion, less wind and rain enter the helmet. Wind noise is also reduced.

Additionally, there is also a shield lock that works when the shield is completely closed. It prevents the helmet from releasing the shield unexpectedly.  To open this, you only have to slightly push the lower left part, then raise the shield.


Each of SHOEI’s J-FORCE IV REFINADO helmets has the PINLOCK EVO Lens that prevent clouding and fogging on the shield. With that, you can have a clear view in any weather condition and enjoy safe rides.


SHOEI adopted a new interior system for all J-FORCE IV helmets. This offers a comfortable fit even when driving at high speeds. The 3D full support inner IV and the cheek pads were redesigned with internal urethane foam.

With the improved interior, SHOEI was able to produce lightweight helmets with stability. The liners also absorb sweat to keep the interior dry and to provide comfort at all times.

SHOEI Helmets

SHOEI is one of the top Japanese companies that produce world-class motorcycle helmets. They make use of the newest technology and perform modern testing procedures to produce and enhance their helmets.

The quality of their helmets is not only because of over 60 years of experience in helmet production. It’s also because they listen and apply consumer feedback to improve each helmet they create.

Like the company’s very first helmet produced by the founder in 1959, each SHOEI helmet today is made by hand. For every helmet, the production involves over 50 experienced people who perform advanced methods to produce high-quality products.