The SHOEI J-FORCE IV MODERNO is part of the J-FORCE series. It not only has a beautiful design, but it has perfect structure and ventilation as well. In addition to these, the helmet is lightweight, plus it comes in a variety of sizes ideal for your preferences.

Contemporary Charm and Strength for Moderno

It’s a truly beautiful and eye-catching helmet, but there’s more than just a pretty exterior. The J-FORCE IV MODERNO features the PINLOCK EVO Lens that helps solve fogging which is common during low temperatures.

For its CJ-2 shield system, it’s also present in the helmet. It aids in preventing too much wind from entering during fast rides. With this, air won’t enter from the helmet’s bottom area, and simultaneously, unnecessary noise is eliminated as well. It will stop fatigue from occurring; plus, the shield system enhances a natural and clearer vision for the rider.

The outer shell of the helmet features AIM. It comes with 3D-formed organic fabric, glass fiber and resin for a lighter, durable, and elastic shell. With this, it allows the helmet to absorb more impact, plus, it establishes adequate channels for optimized airflow.

There’s also a defogger ventilation system and another element that keeps and secures the hold and fit of the helmet.