SHOEI J-Cruise II (2) isn’t your usual open-face helmet. It sports a compact, aerodynamic build that’s lightweight, and packed with modern technologies.

Efficient and convenient features like the extended internal sun shield are present. It works by enhancing the helmet’s sun-glare protection. Riders will definitely enjoy the shield opening since it improves ventilation and defogging.

Features Fit for Today’s Motorcyclist

The J-CRUISE II features enhanced ventilation, aerodynamics, as well as noise-reduction. In addition, it can even work effectively with the SENA SRL/SRL2.

It’s ideal for riders who often communicate while on the road. The feature keeps them connected while ensuring their safety and comfort throughout the drive.

Another feature for riders is lesser noise when using the J-CRUISE II. It has improved aerodynamic features that decrease turbulence, plus, it prevents entry of wind noise when the helmet is worn.

For a stronger and more durable shell, SHOEI utilized the AIM for its helmet’s shell. During the event of an accident, the rider will be fully protected due to its shock-resistant functions.

Aside from style and functions, SHOEI guarantees full protection for each rider. They integrated the EPS liner to provide the best levels of protection for every user. Not only that, but the helmet comes with extra channels for proper airflow.