To get enhanced protection, function, and style, aim for the excellence of the SHOEI GT-Air II (2). It’s one of the best helmets for every motorcyclist and sports an enhanced design for top-notch performance and quality.

SHOEI GT-Air II – Its Features

This helmet has loads of essential features. These include extended internal sun shield and 1st-position shield opening for enhanced ventilation and defogging. The sun shield is great for sun-glare protection, and is ideal for motorcyclists who often ride out under the sun.

Wind-Tunnel Optimization + Air Circulation

The helmet comes with the wind-tunnel optimization to enhance airflow while decreasing unnecessary noise. It has three intakes and five exhaust vents that are strategically positioned for improved air intake and hot air expulsion.

Additionally, there’s a wider lower air intake opening and an enhanced upper-intake shutter for more airflow entering the entire helmet.

Design and Build

The GT-Air II (2)’s design comes with the exclusive Multi-Ply Matrix AIM shell, plus the Multi-Piece/Density EPS Liner. These serve as the helmet’s layers of protection.

It also has a fully detachable and adjustable 3D Max Dry Interior System that is washable and replaceable. This immediately helps dissipate sweat than the standard nylon interiors.

The GT-Air II (2) comes in XS, S, M, L, XL, and XXL variants. It also comes in shades of black, matte black, brilliant yellow, matte deep-grey, matte blue, silver, and white.