The SHOEI GT-Air II REDUX is a quality-made helmet that sports an integrated SRL-2 Comm System. It’s designed to have optimized ventilation and aerodynamics for the best all-rounder riding gear for motorcyclists today.

SHOEI uses their SENA SRL2 for the GT-Air II REDUX, which is an exclusive design for the brand’s helmets. The brand packed all the essentials to produce an excellent riding gear, hence, included the micro ratchet strap.

Its CNS-1 shield is an enhanced type of the earlier version. It now has extreme coverage due to the PINLOCK dual ridge and anti-fog lens window bead. Enjoy the ride and drive without experiencing too much wind noise when going fast.

Stay Stylish and Cool

Get personalized and show off your style with different shades of the GT-Air II REDUX. Choose from blue+matte black, red+matte black, white+matte black, hi-viz+matte black, or black|red|white combination.

What’s more, the GT-Air II REDUX isn’t only stylish. It’s also optimized to give every motorcyclist a better riding experience.

SHOEI improved its ventilation system and integrated a better QSV 2 drop-down visor.

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Stay Protected, No Matter Where You Ride

SHOEI makes use of excellent aerodynamic design to increase the air entering the helmet. It’s to provide riders with adequate ventilation, especially during hot summer or humid days.

There’s also a molded air spoiler that decreases any pressure that gets to your neck while driving. It’s a pretty good feature to enhance the comfort while wearing the helmet for longer hours.

What protects you and all other motorcyclists during rides is the AIM. It’s a material combined with other top-quality materials to produce a tough shell-like structure that’s also light and flexible.