Inspired from the EX-5 of the 80s, the SHOEI EX-ZERO looks almost identical in design. But despite it looking classic, it features a lot of the advantages and safety features that modern helmets have.

It’s a helmet ideal for riders who drive custom or classic motorcycles.

Classic and Cool

The EX-ZERO sports a multi-composite fiber shell that has an excellent smooth gloss finish. Its rubber along the goggle aperture is nicely applied.

As for the helmet’s nose and lower skirt area, the leather styled trim on those spots looks brilliant. Equally, the combination of simple and brass-finished poppers & rivets look amazing. Also, the wire mesh along the chin appears just as great.

The EX-ZERO is a tough yet lightweight helmet. It’s designed to have a durable shell to protect you while riding, as well as to provide comfort throughout.

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Modern Features for Security and Efficiency

The SHOEI EX-ZERO is integrated with modern features that make it an entirely excellent helmet. It sports the EQRS for emergencies, a CJ-3 Shield for a clearer view, and the AIM exterior shell.

AIM is tough, and it absorbs impact. Plus, it gives every rider a hard and elastic shell for increased protection.

What’s more, the EX-ZERO is both JIS and Snell-certified. Meaning, it’s a high-quality helmet, so you’ll never go wrong with the SHOEI EX-ZERO.