The SHOEI EX-ZERO EQUATION is the company’s full-face helmet that combines a classic model with modern technologies. It sports that classic helmet look, but it’s more than just a stylish piece for riding.

This EX-ZERO EQUATION is lighter, tougher, and resilient. Plus, SHOEI integrates AIM to it, making the helmet more resistant against impact.

Original price was: $679.99.Current price is: $619.99.
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Modern Technologies for Today’s Riders

This helmet from SHOEI integrates a lot of contemporary features like the EQRS for emergencies, plus an extremely comfortable interior.

Another notable aspect is that these sections in the helmet are all removable. With that, every rider can easily detach, clean, and manage.


The company also included a CJ-3 Shield to give every rider a nice and clear view of the road. Don’t worry about the sun and its harsh rays. SHOEI made sure that the shield can protect you from the sun’s UVB and UVAs.

In addition, there’s also the AIM Outer Shell to give the helmet its elastic properties. You’ll never have to worry about sudden impacts since the EX-ZERO EQUATION is designed for optimized resistance, pressure, and penetration.

AIM also gives the helmet its aerodynamic features, so expect it to be comfortable and lightweight.

It’s a great helmet to have, especially if you’re into the classic look. But aside from that, you’d also want to have the conveniences and benefits of modern helmet technologies.

So go for the EX-ZERO EQUATION from SHOEI, to have a classy, secure, comfortable, and stylish motorcycle gear.