SHOEI is a brand that’s always been linked to premium and top-notch. They’re among the best in the motorcycle helmet market. Hence, a lot of riders all over the world wear their helmets with pride.

The development, production, and progress of the brand’s world-class helmet lines is a highly detailed process. It combines the latest modern technology together with consumer feedback. Plus, there’s also new testing practices, the use of advanced materials, as well as sixty years of helmet production experience.

Like the first helmets from SHOEI that were built way back in 1959, all of them are handmade in Japan. The company uses a smart and tedious process involving more than fifty individuals for each helmet created.


Most Advanced Levels of Manufacturing

SHOEI is a company that prides itself in establishing top quality helmets that their manufacturing technologies can handle.

If you take a look at all helmets from the company, each of them is the result of hard work. Not only that, but it’s also the result of innumerable moments of R&D and conceptualizing.

They also spend adequate time testing these helmets together with professional racing teams. These groups act as the most hardcore critics when it comes to the quality and efficiency of such helmets. The groups involved are their Moto-GP racing team to the top-notch racers like Josh Grant and Marc Marquez.

A Ride of Comfort and Security, 24/7

The idea behind SHOEI’s philosophy is that motorcycle helmets should be created to guarantee utmost head protection. It goes along with providing unparalleled levels of comfort despite prolonged use.

The company believes that a relaxed ride because of comfort is essential to your safety. The security elements of each motorcycle helmet are categorized under one of these: Active or Passive safety.

Best Selling Shoei Helmet Models





Neotec II


Passive Safety includes focusing on elements like material rigidity and impact penetration. For Active Safety, it emphasized primarily on ventilation, noise reduction, and fit.

Because of their great focus on quality, SHOEI has become one of the most popular and trusted helmet brands worldwide.

Creation, Quality, Perfection

For all the time, passion, and energy that’s invested into creating motorcycle helmets, SHOEI puts great emphasis on quality. They see to it that the quality in each of their series complies with various specifications from their development section.

Because of that, the process of completing their helmets goes through meticulous steps and these are the following.

The Exterior’s Creation

For their helmet’s shell and body, the company utilizes fiber-augmented plastic. This element is essential since it provides excellent properties for shell manufacturing.

The company already has many years of experience and is assisted by a lot of skilled people. With that, SHOEI can create helmet shells that are tough yet lightweight.

Each of their helmet shells are marked by the person who is responsible for its creation. They put their names on the line for the quality of the product.

Laser Slicing

Laser slicing or cutting is where your SHOEI helmet gets its final shape. If there are any unnecessary protrusions or uneven shapes during manufacture, these are cut off nicely.

For the helmet’s openings when it comes to the ventilation and visor, they’re melded into the helmet using a laser.

Lastly, the motorcycle helmet is thoroughly checked to guarantee that it has the right thickness and weight.

Hand-Painted Helmets

Today, most production steps are automated, but this may not be applicable in some areas. SHOEI combines handwork and automated production to ensure superior quality.


All of their helmets are carefully hand-painted for a premium finish. After that, each helmet is sealed with numerous layers of clear coat for protection.

In addition, only specially qualified and experienced technicians are involved in the process of painting the helmets.

Final Assembly

Each part of every SHOEI helmet is carefully assembled. Not only that, but these also undergo consecutive inspections before they’re displayed in shops.

SHOEI Technology

If you look at the design of SHOEI helmets, notice that all of these feature a high-quality exterior. Of course, that doesn’t end there. Even the exterior of these helmets is of superior quality to provide full comfort, safety, and stability.

To achieve this, the company makes use of proprietary technology for their helmets’ ventilation and interior lining.


SHOEI doesn’t only add intakes for effective ventilation to their helmets. They also include devices for releasing hot air.

These excellent ventilation features make SHOEI helmets extremely comfortable.

The Hyper Dual Liner

SHOEI’s helmets have a shock-absorbing liner that consists of two parts. Between these are ventilation channels that provide fresh air while releasing humid air.

The Proprietary Slightlation System

Every full-face helmet from SHOEI features a unique ventilation intake. It’s called the Slightlation System and can be found below the shield window.

This system works by providing fresh air while conducting airflow in the shield. With that, your helmet’s interior stays dry while your view is clear of fog.

Cutting-Edge Interior Padding

Even at fast speeds, SHOEI helmets are comfortable to wear due to the perfect fit of the paddings. Aside from that, the bottom of the helmets’ interiors doesn’t have rims and overlapping parts.

With that, there will be no noise and turbulence.

Additionally, the interior paddings of SHOEI helmets are detachable and easy to replace. You can choose from seven sizes to get the best fit and optimum comfort.

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