Open face helmets or ¾ helmets are accessories that cover your entire head. When you purchase one from Motorcycle Helmets, it’ll fully protect your head against sudden, unavoidable impacts.

Our open face helmets are considered two-wheeler accessories. They don’t exactly offer chin protection like full face helmets. And because the chin guard is absent, more air can be felt on your face when you drive.

This can be an extremely helpful feature during hot and humid weather.


Helmet to Beat the Heat While Keeping the Comfort

Open face helmets here at Motorcycle Helmets are undeniably the best alternatives to use during the year’s hottest months. These types also appear to be extremely popular among young riders and those who want to make a fashion statement.

Integral helmets may be the safest option today, yet in reality, open face helmets are more practical and comfortable. Not only that, but they’re highly practical for short driving trips, especially when the heat is high.

If you want adequate air and breathing space while you ride, then your best bet is our open face helmet.

Design of an Open Face Helmet

When it comes to the design of our open face helmets, it’s structurally similar to that of a full face helmet. This is in terms of safety as well as proper coverage.

When it comes to its weight, our open face helmets are a bit lighter compared to the full face helmets. It’s because of the absence of the chin bar, but do note that the reduced weight isn’t that significant.


Not only that, but because of the helmet’s opening, it doesn’t protect you against road debris and different weather conditions. Our open face helmets often sport full face or partial visors to conceal your eyes from the sunlight. However, some helmets need you to purchase that part separately.

The Modern Open Face Helmets and Retro Open Face Helmets

Today, we can categorize open face helmets that are available. These are the retro open face helmets and the modern open face helmets. The primary differences between these two types are often their visors and the overall design.

The modern open face helmets feature longer visors. They often go down and reach your chin.

For the retro open face helmets, they don’t feature any visors. If there are visors on them, they’re usually a small piece placed in front of your eyes.

Advantages of Open Face Helmets

A huge benefit of using our open face helmets is the adequate amount of airflow coming in. These types of helmets allow great amounts of air to blow onto your face while driving.

This aspect can bring a lot of comfort, especially on hot days. Hence, the helmet will keep you feeling cool and well-ventilated while riding your bike. Generally, these types of helmets are ideal for you or anyone who feels suffocated when using full face helmets.

Better View and More Alertness to Your Surroundings

When you wear our open face helmets, you’ll get to easily detect what’s happening in your surroundings. Hear what’s happening around such as the screeching of your tires, unusual rattling sounds from your bike, and more.

In addition, these types of helmets will make hearing clearer and more audible. You’ll get to hear emergency sirens or vehicle horns while you drive.

Better Range of View

The biggest and most essential advantage of open face helmets is that you can better see while you drive. Plus, you have a clearer and wider range of view too.

It’ll be easier for you to look around while driving. Not only that, but there are lesser blind spots whenever you wear these types of helmets.

This is considered a primary safety benefit of such types of helmets and is ideal when used during heavy traffic.