The OGK Kabuto KAZAMI is a top-quality helmet that is ideal for both regular and professional riders today. It comes with a lot of impressive features, including aerodynamic aspects, proper air ventilation, a flip-up system, and more. All of these show that it’s one of the best models on the market today.

An Excellent Helmet for Every Rider

The KAZAMI features the Wake Stabilizer, OGK Kabuto’s proprietary system that controls airflow in the helmet. This technology reduces load at the same time.

For the interior, its cheek pads have slits for eyeglasses. With that, riders who need to use their eyewear and the helmet together will not experience any discomfort. Aside from the cheek pads, the internal pads and chin strap covers are also removable for washing and maintenance.

Optimized air vents are efficient air intake and emission of humid air from the helmet’s interior. With that, cool air can enter the helmet to keep the insides ventilated.

Another feature is the CM-2 Shield System, which allows for smooth and easy removal of the helmet’s shield. It also has OGK Kabuto’s exclusive flip-up system.

To achieve the perfect fit, the KAZAMI features OGK Kabuto’s classic and original micro-ratchet buckle with teeth engagements. It also has a release pivot system for quick and secure adjustments.