The OGK Kabuto KAZAMI CAMO is a fashionable helmet with a camouflage pattern, giving a military vibe and style. Aside from aesthetic, this high-quality piece offers comfort, safety, efficiency, and performance for you to enjoy your rides.

This helmet has all the features and technologies that are perfect for long tours and city driving.


Excellent Dynamics, Comfort, and Convenience in One

OGK Kabuto developed outstanding aerodynamics for the KAZAMI CAMO with the CFD (3D Computational Fluid Dynamics). It decreases airlifts while resisting pressure to maintain comfort. This works via smooth intake and release of air in and out of the helmet.


To add to the helmet’s comfort, OGK KAZAMI CAMO has fully detachable and washable interior pads. These are present along the cheek pads and chin strap covers.

Additionally, the helmet prevents sun glare using its inner sunshade, which also provides a clearer vision when driving at night. This feature makes this specific model ideal for urban riding and long tour rides.

This helmet consists of three air vents that efficiently eliminates humid and hot air to keep the interior cool. With that, riders can enjoy long hours of driving without experiencing discomfort.

For security, it has OGK Kabuto’s exclusive micro ratchet buckle that is adjustable for riders to get the best fit.