The OGK Kabuto KAMUI 3 KNACK features a sleek and aesthetic design. It has a sturdy and durable shell, while its interior is comfortable and secure. With these, riders can guarantee complete protection for long and fast rides.

With this helmet, riders can enjoy driving with style and long-lasting comfort.

A Stylish Helmet for the Longest and Fastest Rides

The OGK Kabuto KAMUI 3 KNACK comes with IR & UV Vut Shields. It’s made from high-quality polycarbonate and provides protection against UV rays and infrared rays from the sun.

Additionally, it has a vent system that absorbs cool air and releases hot air for absolute comfort. It also has the Wake Stabilizer that manages air circulation inside the helmet to reduce pressure.

The CF-1 Shield System allows for easy replacement of shields. With that, riders can choose between the wide-type 100% MAX VISION PINLOCK, and the original insert lens can easily replace the shield.

Best Selling OGK Kabuto Helmet Models

OGK Kabuto Kamui 3






The exterior of the KAMUI KNACK 3 is stylish and compact, while its interior lining provides excellent fit and ventilation. The glasses-friendly cheek pad form allows riders to wear glasses comfortable even while wearing the helmet.

Moreover, riders can attach a camera or intercom using the allotted space and attachment route for the cables.

The OGK Kabuto KAMUI 3 KNACK isn’t only a stylish gear for riding. It’s also a piece that guarantees protection, security, and comfort. Every rider can leave their worries behind, and simply enjoy their ride with the Kabuto OGK Kabuto KAMUI 3 KNACK.