The OGK Kabuto KAMUI 3 CIRCLE is one graphic helmet with a design created by Fabrice Christophe. Christophe is a Parisian designer working globally for the action sports and motorcycle industry.

This helmet is not only an excellent and stylish model. It’s ideal for various activities like sport touring and the like.

The helmet sports a nice and comfortable fit, thanks to the COOLMAX feature. It’s present in the helmet’s interior, and includes chin strap covers, cheek pads, and an inner pad. COOLMAX is essential for the helmet’s interior since it’s a breathable material that’s quickly absorbent and dries out moisture.

Great Build, Perfect Fit, and an Ideal Gear

OGK Kabuto provided a new fit and stitch style for its interior linings. It’s to give every rider full protection and comfort while using the helmet. It nicely wraps along the neck with a soft touch, allowing users to easily remove the OGK Kabuto KAMUI 3 CIRCLE.

Aside from the stitch pattern, the helmet readily accommodates the use of sunglasses/eyeglasses.

For its build, KAMUI 3 CIRCLE comes with a double-action micro-ratchet buckle to allow for safer and secure buckle adjustments. It has a convenient ventilation system so cool air enters the helmet, then releases hot air inside.

In addition, there’s the TEIJIN LIMITED feature which are protection shields to safeguard the user from UV and IR.