The OGK Kabuto KAMUI 3 ACCEL is all about flair, comfort, and durability. It’s a helmet that has a sporty appeal because of its stream-lines decorating the surface. The design helps highlight the helmet’s shape, making it extremely prominent.

The KAMUI 3 ACCEL’s design comes from Fabrice Christophe, a designer from the motorcycle and sports industry. Aside from an appealing exterior, the helmet comes with a plethora of notable features that are convenient for every rider.

Awesomeness for the True Rider

This helmet comes with the “UV & IR Cut Shield” by TEIJIN LIMITED that’s made from quality polycarbonate. It aids in cutting IR and UV while preventing temperature rise due to the sun’s IRs. When it comes to its shield, it reduces heat transfers to provide a clearer view for the rider.

Each side of the helmet has space to attach an intercom or camera. It has a nice construction since the rider’s camera cables will be kept nice and neat.

There’s also a freshly designed breath guard to prevent fogging on the shield. It’s highly necessary for riders to always have a clean and clear view of the road. This feature helps prevent any road accidents that may occur.

What’s more, the KAMUI 3 ACCEL is eyewear-friendly too. So, riders wearing glasses or sunglasses won’t have to worry about the fit when they put on the helmet.

It’s a great helmet to purchase, and ideal for riders who want great comfort and protection.

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OGK Kabuto Kamui 3