The OGK Kabuto FF-R3 is a full-face quality-made helmet packed with a lot of great features. It’s a great helmet for riders today, and you’ll get to enjoy proper ventilation, comfort, security, and style.

Great Features, One Helmet

The OGK Kabuto FF-R3 features the TPS, a high-performing thermoplastic cap that’s essential for providing great impact resistance. It also comes with the C-15 quick change shield system. This feature makes it easier to remove the shield during emergency situations.

This helmet offers the UV Cut Shield for protecting your eyes from UV rays. The one-touch buckle is present too, and it’s for the chin strap to easily detach with just one press.


The FF-R3 also comes with a TPS for excellent impact resistance. It’s a very important element in a helmet to protect your head while driving.

It has a completely detachable interior, which is a great feature to keep the area clean and fresh. You’ll have proper ventilation as well, and it works by discharging hot air within the helmet.

For you and all riders around, having a cool-looking and durable helmet is necessary. Comfort and proper ventilation is as vital when it comes to such accessories.

To cover all those needs, the OGK Kabuto FF-R3 is one of the best options around.