The OGK Kabuto EXCEED DEUCE is another graphic model from OGK Kabuto. It’s an open-face helmet under the EXCEED series and comes in two color schemes. These colors feature red accents which make it a unique helmet from the company.

Primary features of the EXCEED DEUCE include decreased weight for its entire shell, enhanced durability, and comfortable interiors.

Uniqueness and Strength on the Road

The helmet features a wide sunshade that protects you from the sun’s rays and any reflective light. There’s also a pre-installed PINLOCK so you can either attach the PINLOCK original insert lens if you want.

This feature prevents instances of fogging on the shield, keeping your view clear at all times.

The helmet allows you to place an intercom or camera in the helmet which is pretty useful for every rider around.

Expect to have excellent ergonomics with the EXCEED DEUCE which will provide you and every other rider with comfort. Its cheek pads are made using soft sponges to prevent stress and pressure on the face.

Other features of the OGK Kabuto EXCEED DEUCE include better ventilation shutters, a thermoplastic outer shell, and the micro ratchet buckle. The latter comes with various teeth engagements and the lever pivot system. With it, you can adjust the buckle for more security while on the road.