The OGK Kabuto EXCEED CLAW was a graphic model released in 2019. It has a stylish aesthetic, featuring sharp lines that display the image of speed. It has all the excellent features that make it the best helmet for a safe and comfortable ride.

This model offers enhanced cooling with the Aero Ventilation System. With this technology, the helmet absorbs air from its front, then releases hot air with negative air pressure. This keeps the interior more comfortable for the rider.

To provide adequate protection, the ThermoPlastic or TPS Shell absorbs impact to keep the rider’s head safe during an accident.

The FEM Structural Analysis was used by the company while developing the EXCEED CLAW. This method helped them increase the strength of each part of the shell without making it heavy. It provides a proper balance between lightness and safety.

The ventilation shutters on the EXCEED CLAW are easy to operate, allowing for more air to enter the helmet. This keeps the interior cool and ventilated, which makes it comfortable.

The interior of the OGK Kabuto EXCEED CLAW is lined with COOLMAX. It stays dry and comfortable by absorbing moisture. For hygiene and maintenance, these parts are easily removable, replaceable, and washable. OGK Kabuto also used a new and improved stitching pattern to allow riders to wear eyeglasses without discomfort.

Additionally, it features the Single Quick Action Shield System for easy changing of visor shields. For a more secure fit, the EXCEED CLAW also has a micro ratchet buckle that can be adjusted.