The OGK Kabuto AVAND2 CITTA comes with a new design with classic yet stylish colors.

This model exudes durability, aesthetic, and comfort, making it excellent for sports and city riding. Its new and improved features provide additional protection, comfort, and ventilation.

Classic Helmet with Impressive Features

The Single Action Shield System of the AVAND2 CITTA allows for easier removal of the shield. The Wake Stabilizer offers projections on the helmet’s surface while managing its turbulence. This prevents pressure and fatigue on the rider.

It also has an improved texture since its shape and paint have been optimized.

Additionally, the ventilation hole structure on the head and rear of this model allow for added air intake. The rear ventilation has a shutter function that releases hot air from the helmet’s interior.


The outer shell utilizes a thermoplastic cup made of high-performance resin. It has high resistance against impact while reducing the outer shell’s weight. Plus, this model is compatible with the PINLOCK Original Insert Lens.

For the interior system of the OGK Kabuto AVAND2 CITTA, it uses the COOLMAX interior liner. This shock-absorbing liner not only keeps riders safe, but also comfortable at all times.

Moreover, the AVAND2 CITTA has a chin strap with a one-touch buckle for easy removal of the helmet.