The OGK Kabuto AEROBLADE5 HURRICANE is one of the successors to the AEROBLADE-3 series of helmets. This model comes with its predecessor’s features, but enhanced for improved performance.

The AEROBLADE5 HURRICANE guarantees an aerodynamic and lightweight design, making it one of the best helmets from the brand. This helmet was designed by Fabrice Christophe, a designer who works worldwide for the action sports and motorcycle industry.

The OGK Kabuto AEROBLADE5 HURRICANE offers comfort, strength, and style for all riders.

Newly Enhanced Motorcycle Gear

The OGK Kabuto AEROBLADE5 HURRICANE features the FEM or Finite Element Method. This structural analysis technology improves the strength on the entire part of the helmet. The helmet is also lightweight to reduce the load on the rider’s neck.

For the rider’s comfort, the helmet has excellent ventilation while preventing fogging on its shield.


The AEROBLADE5 HURRICANE’S Wake Stabilizer and CFD or 3D Computational Fluid Dynamics decreases air resistance and stress during long rides. For better seal and silence, it features the DAF ratchet and Kabuto’s double-axis structure.

The MAX VISION PINLOCK and pins for the original PINLOCK are pre-installed on the helmet.

For its interior, it features a knit fabric liner called COOLMAX. It’s a breathable material that eliminates moisture while keeping the interior of the helmet cool and comfortable.