The OGK Kabuto AEROBLADE-5 is a sturdy, tough, and lightweight helmet made with quality and efficiency in mind. It’s a functional piece with a stylish and elegant design offering aesthetics for any rider.

Also, it provides adequate protection and comfort so the user will only have to enjoy the drive.

Best Features Make for the Best AEROBLADE-5

The helmet is lightweight, thanks to its shell’s form and design. Users can delight in long rides with less fatigue and pressure.

It comes with the two-pivot ratchet system and redesigned visor system for easier replacement and removal of the visor. With that, installing the Pinlock anti-fogging lens is more convenient too.


Additionally, the visor system also comes with a 3D-molded shield design to provide a better seal.

OGK Kabuto integrated the A.C.T. EVO for the helmet’s outer shell. It’s a vital element that provides heightened protection. Plus, it also features the Dual Density Impact Absorption Liner for optimal aerodynamics.

With the presence of these features, the helmet will offer reduced strain, better resistance and buffering once worn.

Of course, OGK Kabuto guarantees comfort with the AEROBLADE-5. With that, they used the COOLMAX Interior Liner for the helmet. It’s replaceable, removable, and washable to keep everything clean and fresh when worn.

The COOLMAX works by preventing instances of visor fogging while simultaneously giving off coolness to the interior.