The OGK Kabuto AEROBLADE-5 SMART is a graphic helmet released in 2018. It has a stylish and eye-catching design with a sleek body. Four different colors are available for you to choose from.

Aside from the cool appearance, this helmet offers durability and strength. It also guarantees complete comfort and protection for all riders today.

Aesthetic Helmet with Outstanding Features

OGK Kabuto adopts the ACT-EVO to the AEROBLADE-5 SMART. This technology prevents penetration and enhances its impact absorption abilities. This makes the helmet excellent for high-speed rides.

Its cheek pads are glasses-friendly, so riders won’t experience discomfort when wearing the helmet and eyeglasses at the same time. There’s also adequate space to prevent the eyewear from hitting the helmet.

With the 3-dimensional shaped DAF-1 Shield and the DAF ratchet, the AEROBLADE-5 SMART offers excellent sealing and quiet interior.

Additionally, it features the Wake Stabilizer, the original aerodynamic design developed by the company. This reduces air resistance and fatigue on riders, which is important during long rides and tours.

Preinstalled pins are available for those who want to install the MAX VISION and PINLOCK original insert lenses. The PINLOCK lenses efficiently eliminates fogging on the shield during low temperatures.

Moreover, this helmet has a unique micro-ratchet buckle that is adjustable with its multiple teeth engagements. It also features a release lever pivot system for safe and secure adjustments.