OGK Kabuto is among the most iconic and popular helmets in Japan. The brand has lines of market-leading products along with ARAI and SHOEI.

Motorcycle Helmets is a shop that sells top-notch and high-quality helmets. Here, you’ll find some of the best helmet brands like OGK Kabuto.

The company also supports pro racing motorcycle competitions with the excellent technology and outstanding quality of safety.

OGK Kabuto – Their Story

OGK Kabuto, formerly OGK Co. Ltd., is a helmet manufacturer in Japan that was founded in September of 1982.

They’re a company that continuously produces a wide selection of helmets. These range from motorcycle helmets to bicycle helmets for beginners to pros.

The company also commits to creating products that are based on style and safety. In addition, they’re also among the very few manufacturers that create helmets for both motorcyclists and bicyclists.

Official Sponsor of Champions

OGK Kabuto is also an official sponsor of the Olympics, as well as other types of sports championships. During these events, their products are utilized by the event’s participants.

Best Selling OGK Kabuto Helmet Models

OGK Kabuto Kamui 3






Moreover, they’re greatly recognized for their astounding technology and reliable credibility. These are proven by their helmets that meet all the safety standards of various countries, worldwide.

When Safety Meets Style

OGK aims to achieve new innovation while guaranteeing safety with style. With that, all their helmets are produced using notable technology and outstanding quality to protect you while keeping the aesthetics.

Thorough Production to Create Perfection

The company creates and designs mock-ups that are turned into data. The process is done via 3D measurements, as well as the latest CAD system.

During the development process, numerous elements are taken into consideration. These include the design, numerous safety standards, performance, and productivity.

The company undertakes CFD analyses during the early phase of product creation. Wind tunnel experiments are also done to determine how internal geometry influences performance.

During the designing process, the wind tunnel is fully utilized. During the analysis, OGK Kabuto examines the drags, lifts, and noise of each helmet at their riding. These can be affected by inner temperature and airflow change via ventilation effect.

OGK Kabuto Helmet Aspects

The company never stacks their focus on producing better helmets. This is the reason why they continue to search for the best materials and leading technologies.

Lightweight Shell to Give You Critical Merit

Producing a lightweight helmet provides you with a less stressful and loaded accessory along your shoulders and neck. With that, the company sees to it that their helmets aren’t heavy. Plus, the helmets should be made according to the given design to create an extremely light helmet as possible.

Wake Stabilizer

Wake Stabilizer is OGK Kabuto’s patented system that regulates airflow around the helmet by reducing the load while riding. The company performed studies and wind tunnel experiments for years to improve this technology.

With Wake Stabilizer, OGK Kabuto’s helmets are stable during rides.

A.C.T. or Advanced Composite Technology

OGK Kabuto used their authentic Advanced Composite Technology for their helmets’ shells. This combines organic fiber and hyper glass fiber. The company also combines optimal layers and resin to keep the helmets strong and lightweight.

Helmets from OGK Kabuto

Here at Motorcycle Helmets, we offer OGK KABUTO’s leading helmets in the world that suit your riding style. These include models under AEROBLADE-5, KAMUI 3, EXCEED, AVAND2, ASAGI, and the KAZAMI series.


KAMUI 3 is OGK Kabuto’s first model to feature an IR protective shield.  They are full-face helmets that guarantee safety and comfort.


The helmets under AEROBLADE-5 series have an advanced design that combines optical lines and geometric patterns, achieving a sporty look.

Aside from complete safety, the AEROBLADE-5 helmets have a lightweight and compact shell. These are the best helmets for quietness and aerodynamics.


EXCEED is another series of helmets from OGK Kabuto and is built with absolute comfort. Aside from a compact shell, these helmets have an exclusive wider inner sunshade that you can’t find in other models.

With that, you can keep your eyes protected from the strong rays of sunlight and other reflective lights.


The high-end AVAND2 is a series of open face helmets. A model from this series is great if you’re looking for open face helmets for touring and urban riding. Even if it’s not a full-face helmet, it’s quiet and well-constructed.

Additionally, AVAND2 helmets share its design with the company’s FF-5V line of helmets.


OGK Kabuto’s ASAGI is another line of open face helmets. It features the Compact Aero Form for comfort and aerodynamics, as well as the inner sunshade for clear vision.

With the Wake Stabilizer, ASAGI helmets are lightweight and well-ventilated, so these provide long-lasting comfort. Wearing these helmets will not only keep you safe when you ride, but also comfortable at all times.


The KAZAMI series from OGK Kabuto is a modular helmet, which means that it has a flip-up system. There’s a lock lever at the bottom center of the chin cover that allows you to open the helmet easily.

This feature makes it convenient for you to easily open the helmet while worn.

When riding with KAZAMI helmets, it delivers the performance of a full-face helmet. Aside from superior performance, it features a unique armored design that gives a sporty and edgy appearance.

OGK Kabuto Helmets from Motorcycle Helmets

For the highest level of protection in your rides, we’re here to offer you some of OGK Kabuto’s best helmets. There are full-face, open face, and modular helmets to allow you to choose which meets your needs.


When choosing your helmet, you’ll have to consider several factors, like the features you need in a helmet. Aside from comfort, protection, and stability, you’ll likely need reflective shields, tinted visors, or space for installing speakers.

Also, you should know the type of motorcycle you’re riding. Is it a standard bike, sports bike, touring, or a dirt bike? Once you determine these factors, you can easily decide the model you should purchase.

Here at Motorcycle Helmets, our concern is your comfort and protection. With that, we only offer you authentic helmets from OGK Kabuto and other top brands.