If you’re planning to purchase one of our off-road helmets, then you’ve got great taste. Our motocross or off-road helmets have larger visors; plus, it features a chin bar that’s like a full face helmet. The only difference is that they sport different features.

Our helmets sport a peak visor, letting you dip your head for better protection against flying debris during off-road rides. In addition, they shield your eyes from the sun’s harsh and harmful rays.


Design of an Off-Road Helmet

As the name suggests, our off-road helmets are made for riding off the streets and on the thrilling dirt roads. These helmets aren’t the best choice for highway and city riding use but are perfect for locations where knobby tires are needed.

Our off-road helmets offer a distinct design compared to ¾ and full helmets. They’re fit with bigger visors and have a more highlighted chin bar for improved airflow. Typically, our helmets are designed for enhanced protection, lesser weight, and optimized ventilation.

The latter is necessary when you’re driving during the warmer days and months. Because of this setup, you shouldn’t expect any featured comforts such as Bluetooth speakers and the like.

Goggles for Eye Protection

Since off-road helmets don’t often provide eye protection, it has enough space for you to wear glasses or goggles. If you’re driving down mud or dirt, it’s best to use goggles since they can help seal your face adequately. It will help prevent any debris or dust from entering the sides and bottom of the helmet while riding.

Lightweight Accessories

Our off-road helmets are extremely lightweight since they are not designed to go through heavy impacts. These are often encountered during very fast drives like when driving a road bike.

There are tons of composite options present for off-road helmets. These include carbon fiber, fiberglass, and Kevlar.

These materials provide outstanding strength and help keep it lightweight. It’s to prevent pressure and stress on your head and neck when using the helmet during long hours of rides.

Off-Road Helmets – All for the Adventurous Riders

The primary advantage of purchasing our off-road helmets is mainly to keep your head and neck safe from sudden impacts. A perk for lots of riders is its huge visor, as well as the ability to utilize motocross goggles simultaneously.

Here at Motorcycle Helmets, we offer off-road helmets from top quality brands like ARAI and SHOEI.

Off-Road Helmets from Motorcycle Helmets

Our off-road helmets come in a lot of variations. These range from beginner dirt bike riders to the leisure riders and adventurers or pros.

From minimal face security to maximum performance-grade off-road helmets, Motorcycle Helmets carries everything you need for your riding needs.

Best Selling Shoei Helmet Models





Neotec II


Choosing off-road helmets is something that shouldn’t be considered lightly. It should be given utmost importance since helmets are vital purchases you’d make in terms of protection.

Certifications, EPS, shell material, shape, peripheral vision, and vents are all factors that you should consider when purchasing off-road helmets.

Some of the off-road helmets that you can choose from include ARAI’s Tour Cross 3, the V-Cross, and the V-Cross4. There’s also SHOEI’s Hornet ADV, VFX-WR Blazon TC-1, VFX-WR, and a lot more.

Motorcycle Helmets – Our Shop

Motocross helmets or off-road helmets are readily available in Motorcycle Helmets. You can easily sort these accessories by brand, color, price, and sizes.

If you need some other helmets whether you’re hitting the dunes, trails, or joining a competition, you’re all set. Motorcycle Helmets is your premier shop for all the quality bike helmets for your needs.

All the items available in our shop are 100% safe, of high quality, and secure. With that, you can purchase your off-road, or any motorbike helmet, with full confidence and ease.